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Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall Episode 6 Recap and Review

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This is a recap and review of episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall, available on Hulu and Disney Plus.     

In this episode, the crew attempt a rescue and things get chaotic.  


Spoilers to follow!


The episode starts uncomfortably, with Smilely threatening Miya after announcing that she’s compatible with his plans (to turn her into a Hemiteos unit so he can produce a child). He explains his maniacal reasoning interspersed with Empress and team performing an attack run on the EI’s gigantic transport. I thought the last episode ended with Empress going separate ways from Strength and Norito, but perhaps I misunderstood, and they were instead talking about performing two attacks at once from different angles. 


Either way, we have a ground battle (during which Monika debates her choice to travel with these people), as well as Strength and Norito infiltrating the facility where they believe Miya to be held. Upon finding a room with dead women, Strength decides even if Miya is dead, she’s going to eradicate Smiley regardless. 

Speaking of Smilely, upon seeing the force at his door, he transforms himself into a giant, pink baby and enters the battle. (I told you it was chaotic)

As Miya is set up to undergo the Hemiteous unit surgery, a new character, either the surgeon or technician, complains about being bored. When Strength and Norito arrive, we learn that this young woman is Lunatic, the physical embodiment of the Artemis A.I.  

As Lunatic and Strength face off, so do Empress and Smilely and Dead Master and Charlotte. 

Frustrated by Empress’ skill, Smiley, like some sort of demented Pokemon, evolves into his ultimate form. He damages Black Trike’s engine and catches Empress by the throat. In a show of valor, Major Volt sacrifices himself to save Empress. Smiley goes on a rant, which allows Empress to blast a hole in his guts the size of a beach ball. 


Sensing Smilely’s death, Lunatic takes off, though she tells Norito and Strength where Miya is, and drops a hint that Charlotte can be reprogrammed into her old self. 

Norito and Miya leave on their own, yet again, and Empress’ team heads towards Lighthouse No. 8 for some answers.  

Overall, this episode was action-packed and kind of wild in many ways. I really enjoyed the separate but simultaneous battles that complimented one another, and though I was surprised to see him die so quickly, it was great to see Smilely get taken out. Definitely the second-best episode of the season so far (last week’s was decidedly the best, at least in my eyes). 

Will there be another super soldier girl at Lighthouse No. 8? We’ll have to see! 


The next episode airs Nov 30 on Hulu and Disney Plus.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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