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The Walking Dead: All Stars Mobile RPG Coming Soon to North America

Negan All Stars

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The Walking Dead: All Stars is a mobile RPG that allows you to explore the same post-apocalyptic landscape that we know and love from the shows while meeting and recruiting the iconic characters that we also know and love. 

How Does the Game Work?

This collection-based game features a variety of story-driven modes and events that allow you to battle against walkers, other survivors (in the form of PvP), and gather resources.

As an officially licensed game, you get to play alongside characters like Rick and Carl grimes, Ezekiel and his badass tiger Shiva, Negan, Michonne, Rosita, Glenn, and many more. The story takes you through the recruitment of these characters while you help them rebuild certain settlements around the Buffalo, NY area.

The art style, which looks to be heavily inspired by the original comic books, really shines through in this game during the plot progression and during combat.

You Can Preregister to Play if You’re in North America

TWD: All Stars
TWD: All Stars

If you’d like to check out more screenshots and gameplay videos from the game, check out its TapTap page which also allows for the game’s download (in South Korea only).

While The Walking Dead: All Stars is already out in parts of Asia, it is currently allowing for North American pre-registration for the game’s early access and will be releasing soon on both Google Play and the App Store.

This is the 2nd ‘Official’ Walking Dead Game Recently Released

The Walking Dead: All Stars is the second “official” Walking Dead game to be recently released. This one is officially licensed, but the storylines may not be official canon. 

The other game is creating official canon in The Walking Dead universe, but without using characters that we know. That game is called The Walking Dead: Last Mile, and is a massively interactive game that you can only play on Facebook. 

Just in case you may be getting the two games mixed up, here’s how The Last Mile works: 

Every week, special guest hosts like Felicia Day and Yvette Nicole Brown lead a live stream on Facebook where players can see how some of their choices and voting impacted some of the main characters in the game. Each player gets to create their own character, who might also get featured during these special live streams. 

The game is created by Skybound and Genvid Entertainment and it’s basically a choose your own adventure. According to the game’s Facebook page, it’s  free to play and is online 24/7. One post on the game’s Facebook page mentions that there are 24/7 activities to participate in, include playing “daily mini games to keep your Faction safe.” These games include fishing, ammo prep, and wall construction. 

So there are a lot of big differences between TWD: Last Mile and this new mobile game, The Walking Dead: All Stars. But if you’re a big Walking Dead fan, then you’ll likely be interested in playing them both. 

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