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How to Play the New Massively Interactive Game, TWD: Last Mile

TWD: Last Mile

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A brand new addition to The Walking Dead universe is kicking off on Monday, July 11. Touted as an interactive video game/TV show hybrid, The Walking Dead: Last Mile is going to provide a new experience to fans of TWD universe. Here’s when it starts and how to play. 

TWD: Last Mile Kicks Off Monday Afternoon / Early Evening

The Walking Dead: Last Mile kicks off Monday, July 11 in the early evening or afternoon, depending on your timezone. 

In California and on the West Coast, it starts at 4 p.m. Pacific, Fansided reported. In other time zones, that translates to 5 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Central, and 7 p.m. Eastern.

IGN describes the game this way on its YouTube trailer: “From Skybound games comes The Walking Dead: Last Mile which is part game, part interactive live experience as it relies on the audience to determine its outcome. It’s a massively interactive live event that is a Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch exclusive series. Take a look at a cinematic short from The Walking: Dead Last Mile in this trailer. Introducing the Walking Dead: Last Mile, the next big installment in The Walking Dead franchise where survival depends on YOU.”

How To Play TWD: Last Mile 

TWD: Last Mile
TWD: Last Mile (Facebook)

Understanding all about The Walking Dead: Last Mile will, in part, be a “figure it out as you see it” type of experience. However, the game itself has provided some clues and details on its official Facebook page. We’ve gathered up all the information here for you to see. 

Weekly Interactive Streams Will Showcase Group Decisions

IGN notes this is a “massively interactive live” game, so characters’ fates will be decided by everyone who participates. In other words, some parts of the game are going to be determined by voting. Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day will be hosting the interactive streams every Monday, where these decisions will be revealed.

Facebook Is the Only Platform for the Game

The game is created by Skybound and Genvid Entertainment and it’s basically a choose your own adventure. Some are asking what platform the game is on — the only platform is Facebook Gaming here. So no, it won’t be on Xbox, PS5, Steam, or anything like that. This is solely a Facebook game. 

According to the game’s Facebook page, it’s going to be free to play and will be online 24/7. So even though they are weekly shows every Monday afternoon/early evening, the game itself is ongoing 24/7.

You’ll Create Your Own Character & Participate in Mini-Games

There’s an individualized element to the game that goes along with the massively interactive portion. One post on the game’s Facebook page mentions that there will be 24/7 activities to participate in, include playing “daily mini games to keep your Faction safe.” These games include fishing, ammo prep, and wall construction. 

The official Facebook page explained in a comment: “There’s an instant game that will go live tomorrow which will let you create a character, shoot walkers, read mini comics, go fishing and make decisions that will change the TV show each week. Your character can also appear in the show, streams, and comic.” 

The page later explains that when you create your character, you’ll choose one of 12 specializations. 

Some Players’ Characters Will Be Featured in the Livestream Shows on Mondays

While everyone can create a character and play, some people’s characters will get special attention, appearing in The Walking Dead: Last Mile’s show or live stream. The Facebook page also mentions a comic, so it looks like there’s a new comic being created to go along with the game too. 

According to the page, it only takes playing 15 minutes of playing a day to influence the main storyline.

There Are Also Official Characters

In addition to the individual characters people can create, there are also official characters in the game. The game doesn’t feature any characters that we know from any of the TV series, Undead Walking explains. Instead, it features new characters living in a village in Alaska. 

Some of the characters in the game include Tara, the “plant leader,” Wyatt the plant leader apprentice, Sara the plant musher, Doc the village doctor (who cares for everyone regardless of their faction), Remi the quartermaster, Abe the village chief, Marlena the village head of defense, and Ladi the plant engineer.

The Walking Dead fans have mixed reactions so far, with some excited about the game, some cautiously optimistic, and some skeptical. On the official Facebook page, Daren Strange wrote, “This is an interesting idea, should apply that to an actual game. Like an open world type game, with a lot better graphics haha.” 

Here’s a trailer for the game: 

As of the time of this article’s publication, there are just 1,737 people following the official Facebook page, so it will be interesting to see how much attention and interaction the game gets. It’s definitely a unique idea for The Walking Dead, so we hope it all goes well. 

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