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Behind-the-Scenes Photos Reveal Clues About The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5

The Handmaid's Tale

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Behind-the-scenes photos from the set of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, shared during filming, are revealing some spoilers before the new season even begins and clues about what to expect. The new season is kicking off on September 14, and episode titles for the entire season have been released too.

Note: will be some spoilers in this article for Season 5. 

Fans Saw the Cast Filming What Was Likely Fred’s Funeral

Here’s a look at some of the set photos that have been shared. 

In a Reddit thread here, shared by u/icewizie, we see a series of photos from the set. The photos show the wives gathered en masse with veils over their heads. 

In the discussion, fans consider that they are likely attending a funeral, perhaps Fred’s. Another person wrote that this was 100% a funeral and they saw a casket during filming. One person wrote that there were 500 extras on set that day. 

The photos they shared might be related to the scene in this video: 

On March 3, one person commented that they likely had filmed Fred’s funeral in Brantford, and Serena appeared to be wearing a black dress. 

Here are more photos from the funeral set. 

In fact, many people got photos from the funeral scenes in March.

Here’s a closeup of what is likely Serena: 

And an even closer picture of her has been released. 

Along with the Commanders seated for the funeral ceremony.

Redditor u/icewizie also shared more photos from filming here. These also appeared to be from Fred’s funeral. 

A photo from Elisabeth Moss’s Instagram Story also revealed a U.S. flag with just two stars on it, u/icewizie shared on Reddit. Fans also noticed that the flag only had seven stripes instead of the original 13. 

Some Photos Show Women Dressed in Purple

A series of photos shared on Coconuts and Treason show some women dressed in purple. 

Here’s another look: 

June & Luke Still Appear Close in Some Photos

In some photos, June and Luke still appear to be close and even sharing a kiss, according to photos shared on one Reddit thread

However, a military vehicle near these photos may cast a darker mood to the scene. 

Another photo shows them scrubbing graffiti from outside their home. 

Around that same time, June was scene filming with Baby Nichole. 

June Visits Emily’s House

A series of photos shows June visiting Emily’s house, as shared by the spoiler subreddit Coconuts and Treason. 

Looks like a bloody handed June heads straight for Emily’s House. from coconutsandtreason

This is confusing because it was previously reported that Alexis Bledsole is leaving the show before Season 5. 

You can see more photos above.

Someone Ends Up on the Wall

Someone ends up on the wall. You can see a photo here. These were taken on the Cambridge set. Here’s a closer-up photo of the person on the wall, shared in the spoiler subreddit Coconuts and Treason. 

Serena Is Seen Protecting Her Baby

A series of photos are circulating showing Serena protecting her baby. 

More photos: 

More Scenes Were Filmed This Month

York Region reported that on June 10, film crews returned to Newmarket’s downtown to film more scenes for Season 5. This was after previous scenes had been filmed in the region in March. Parts of the area reserved for filming included the Old Town Hall, St. Paul’s Church, the Market Square parking lot, and more. 

A night shoot took place on June 15, according to the Twitter account @handmaidsfans. 

Here are some photos from the set in February when it filmed in the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto. 

They Filmed in Cambridge in March

The series also filmed at the Forbes Estate in Cambridge in late March. 

Kitchener reported that some filming took place near a “heritage home built in 1912 by local industrialist George Forbes.” 

When they filmed in Cambridge, there was a warning about the filming, Handmaid’s Fans shared on Twitter. The filming notice read that it “could involve some highly visible graphic content that may be disturbing. Community members are advised to avoid the filming locations.” 

In May, they filmed in Welland. 

A Recent Scene Was Filmed on a Beach

A secret scene was also filmed on a beach, Handmaid’s Fans shared on Twitter. Speculation was rampant on this one, with some fans wondering if June is in these scenes or Serena. 

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