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Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Tweet Sparks Rumors of Alicia Joining Isle of the Dead

Could Negan and Alicia be on the same show soon? (AMC)

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A recent tweet by Jeffrey Dean Morgan has sparked all kinds of rumors about Alycia Debnam-Carey’s future in The Walking Dead universe. Some fans believe that Morgan was inviting Debnam-Carey’s character, Alicia, to join Negan on The Walking Dead spinoff, Isle of the Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Tweeted, ‘How Do You Feel About New York?’

In a tweet to Debnam-Carey after her last Fear the Walking Dead episode, Morgan wrote, “To the incredible @DebnamCarey. You kick ass. Period. On and off screen. Whatever is next? I’m here for it. Congrats on an incredible run… @WalkingDead_AMC world will miss you… and patiently await your return. How do you feel about New York? Xxjd.”

The New York mention was particularly interesting, considering that Isle of the Dead is set in New York and is going to begin filming soon.

Debnam-Carey replied, “♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ thank you!! 😭 means the world coming from you. Bad bitches 4 Eva New York is the best. I love it here xx.”

One fan wrote, “I don’t know if you could handle a Maggie & Alicia duo! (But I’d love to see ya try 😝).”

Morgan replied, “Ha. Me too.”

So of course, now fans are wondering if there’s a chance that Alicia could make an appearance on Isle of the Dead one day.

The Walking Dead World tweeted, “Fingers crossed for a meeting between Negan & Alicia one day! It would be epic to see your two characters meet. Or just to have you two together in any role together!”

Another fan wrote that a team-up between the two would be a dream.

Morgan’s spinoff with Lauren Cohan (Maggie), called Isle of the Dead, is set in New York City. On June 6, Morgan tweeted that Isle of the Dead is going to begin filming “soon.” 

Debnam-Carey’s character, Alicia, did not die on Fear the Walking Dead. Although the actor has left the series, the character lives on. So it’s entirely possible she could show up in a spinoff one day. 

A Fan Suggested Victor Strand Appearing on Isle of the Dead Too

One fan joined in the conversation and wrote, “I’d also love to see Coleman Domingo show up in New York. A Negan/Strand dynamic would be amazing from a dialog standpoint.”

Morgan replied, “Maaaan…. That would be fun as hell.”

Morgan also shared a hint about the new season in the form of an intriguing Instagram photo.


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A post shared by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (@jeffreydeanmorgan)

He shared fan art by @buffybong, showing Rick without his arm, as he appeared in the official comics.

Morgan wrote, “Found this fan art the other day… first off, it’s just killer. Rick missing his arm following the Kirkman comic storyline? Outstanding. Also makes me miss mr Lincoln… damn we had fun. Gearing up for 11c…. The end is nigh. Crazy to think about. Though stories shall continue. Month and change away from negan and Maggie strapping up in NYC. No rest for the wicked… and make no mistake… wicked is making a return.”

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