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What I Loved About The Walking Dead Finale

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Yes, there were things I loved about The Walking Dead finale. There’s a lot of hate going on about The Walking Dead‘s finale, and I’m right there with you. But there were a few points I absolutely loved, and I have to share those with you. The finale is redeemable, for a lot of reasons. Just ignore that ending. (Obviously, there are spoilers for the entire season right here. If you want to watch the finale again, it should be on Amazon Prime streaming sometime on Monday.)

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Morgan and the Horse in The Walking Dead Finale

Morgan and that horse were so darn adorable. I love animals. My husband gives me a hard time because if we’re out driving and I see a cat, I point to it wildly and say something like “Awww! He’s so cute!” And yes, I did that during The Walking Dead. That horse was awesome, and Morgan riding the horse was even more awesome. We haven’t seen a horse around there since Rick had one, and since that really sad episode with Daryl and the poor horse. So this was fun.

Carol Redeemed Morgan in the Finale, And He Saved Her

If you can’t tell, Morgan is one of my favorite characters. But he started getting annoying this season with his absolute refusal to kill anyone. Although, you can understand it, if you think about it. Morgan went completely CRAZY for awhile there after his son and wife died. He lost it, going absolutely nuts about “Clear.” Then he started clearing people too, and indiscriminately killing. When Easton taught him not to kill, essentially de-programming him, Morgan found his zen. He became the true spiritual leader of the group (far more so than Gabriel.)

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But underneath all that was fear. If Morgan ever killed a human again, he feared that would end his view on “Life is precious.” And if life wasn’t precious — all of it — then he might go insane again.

Carol was right; if you care for people, you have to kill in this post-apocalyptic world. But that’s not always a bad thing. Morgan came to Carol’s rescue. He killed to save her life. And he didn’t go insane. Morgan was redeemed.

Post-Apocalyptic KNIGHTS – How Awesome Is That?

People, we got post-apocalyptic knights! No, I don’t read the comics, so I don’t know what they really  mean or who they really are. But they were a huge welcome and breath of fresh air compared to Negan and company. They’re amazing.

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Carol Is Always Better Off When She Leaves Rick

It’s true. Rick kicked Carol out of the group, and they were almost all killed by Terminus until Carol saved them, singlehandedly, alone. When she was kidnapped, she saved herself. She saved herself against five attacking men. She’s the badass of the badass. Then she leaves Alexandria and what happens? Negan takes the whole lot of them.

Carol is truly blessed to have gotten out of there. She and Morgan both did the right thing in leaving the group. Personally, I don’t think they should go back. These two are the best fighters on the show, the two actors have a great chemistry, and I think they’ll do great on there own. I don’t know about you, but heck, I’d watch a show that was just about Morgan and Carol!

What did you think? Were there parts of the finale that you loved too?

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