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The Walking Dead Finale Party: Last-Minute Ideas

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Want to throw a Walking Dead finale party? We’re all pretty terrified about Sunday night’s Walking Dead season finale, and we don’t really want to face it alone. You probably feel the same way. Who wants to sit in a corner, crying all night, all alone? So this might be the time to put together a last-minute party and message your friends with an invitation on Facebook. It may turn into a wake or a memorial, if any of the terrible rumors swirling around are true. (And no, this post won’t have any spoilers for the finale, although of course it will have spoilers up to the episode.)

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Oh, and you might have to call in sick to work tomorrow, if it’s really bad.

We highly suggest you invite some friends over and watch it as a group, for moral support. Or just watch it with your family, but try to “brighten things up” a bit by making it a theme night. Either way, here are a few ideas that might bring you some comfort.

Create a Walking Dead Memorial


This idea is a MUST for your party. The photo above is from a memorial that’s been making the rounds on Pinterest. Put together your own, updated with the latest deaths, and leave at least one space for tonight. Print out photos of all our favorite characters who are still alive. When the show’s over, you can have a little memorial moment and put the add the photo to the poster.

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Make Some Walking Dead Recipes

Put together a few Walking Dead themed desserts and appetizers. And go ahead and order a pizza while you’re at it, because you’ll need the comfort food. For example, you can make a round cheesecake and cover it in cherry topping and decorate it to look like a brain. Or you can make a TON of chocolate pudding and label it Carl’s Chocolate Pudding. You could also make delicious cupcakes and print out some homemade zombie silhouettes on black cardboard paper, attach them to toothpicks, and decorate the cupcakes with them.

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By the way, if you take Oreos and blend them up, you can get the BEST crumbles that look like dirt for the top of your cupcakes. Add tombstones on top for a fun “dead” theme. I made these for my husband’s birthday, and you could use a similar theme for Walking Dead:


Oh, and no Walking Dead finale party would be complete without a GREAT drink recipe. Consider these Walker Blood Sangria shots, that look and probably taste dreadfully delicious. This recipe only calls for wine, cointreau, oranges and pomegranate juice and arils, and sparkling water.

Host a Drinking Game or a Bingo Game

We’re keeping this short because these are last-minute ideas, since the finale is Sunday night! But no finale would be complete without a drinking game (and you may need it after the show ends…sigh.) Here are some ideas to get you started.

This is a drinking game from Season 1. (Click on “long description” to get the full rules.) And this is a drinking game from season 4.  And this one is from the beginning of this season. These should give you some good ideas for starting your own game. Remember, drink responsibly! Have that Uber app ready if anyone needs a sober ride home after the finale. You might also need the Uber app on hand in case anyone is crying too much to drive.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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