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The 100’s 2020 Mood Calendars: Clarke, Bellamy, Lexa, Indra & More Guide Us Through the Pain

The 100 Mood Calendar

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As we prepare to say goodbye to The 100, I’ve put together a series of “monthly mood” calendars for some of the main characters. I believe that these capture how I feel about 2020 pretty well, and I’m sharing them in honor of The 100’s finale and 100th episode. Which character’s mood calendar best represents you? Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Indra, Gaia, or Lexa? (And yes, I kind of cheated on Lexa by using Alycia Debnam-Carey’s transition from Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead to Lexa on The 100.

This article has minor spoilers about Bellamy in Season 7. 

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First, we have Clarke. She starts out pretty hopeful about the year, then heartbroken, and then angry. Then by the end, she’s just wearing a mask and over it all.


Then there’s Bellamy. He starts out so young and naive in 2020, holding on to hope as long as he can. But as the months progress, he gets a little darker. Then he just goes full on apocalyptic, because how else are you going to handle 2020?


Indra, meanwhile, might be representative of a lot of us. She’s been badass all along, but was a “calmer badass” at the beginning of the year. But by the end of the year, she has no more f***s to give.

Indra’s Mood Calendar

Octavia is quite relatable too. She starts out happy and excited about the coming year. Then 2020 really beats her up, until she finally just succumbs to being Bloodreina.


I think the transition from Alicia to Lexa is perfect for 2020. We started out so young and unaware of all the struggles and pain that 2020 was going to bring. But by the end, we’re badass and ready to fight everyone.


I’ve also included a bonus Gaia Monthly Mood. Surprise! She represents the people who have been pretty well-adjusted most of this year and really didn’t lose it until very recently.

Gaia Monthly Mood
Gaia Monthly Mood (The CW)

Which character’s mood best represents your feelings about 2020?

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