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Clexa Is Clear Winner Over Bellarke in The 100 Series Finale

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There was a lot to like and a lot to dislike about The 100 series finale. But one thing that was made clear: the Clexa vs Bellarke fight was put to rest and Clexa was named the clear winner. The win wasn’t particularly satisfying and Bellarke fans have already suffered a lot this season (just as Clexa fans did in Season 3.) But whichever side of the fandom fight you landed, the finale made it clear that Clarke’s true love was Lexa, not Bellamy.

This article has major spoilers for The 100 series finale. 

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Clarke’s True Love Was Lexa, Not Bellamy

Clarke and Lexa
Clarke and Lexa (The CW)

Despite all the hints dropped after Lexa died that Clarke was now in love with Bellamy, those hints didn’t materialize. In the finale, when Clarke took the final test, she was shown someone she loved and admired. She was shown Lexa, not Bellamy. Perhaps the grief and guilt over killing Bellamy was too much. Perhaps Clarke was more willing to listen to words from Lexa than from Bellamy. However interpreted, it was made clear that it was Lexa Clarke wanted to see.

In fact, Bellamy was not seen one time in the finale. He was mentioned when Octavia wondered if he would transcend and she was told that according to the scriptures, he would not because he had already died. But we did not see him in any form.

Even when Clarke was the only one not to transcend and went to Earth alone with her dog Picasso, it was still not Bellamy that the alien appeared as. Once again, the alien appeared as Lexa, the one that Clarke would want to see when alone on Earth.

There are a lot of things about the finale that bother me, to be honest. I don’t like how the transcendence is so similar to the City of Light. I don’t like how Bellamy was right all along, but ended up not even being allowed the choice of transcending. I don’t like that his death was for nothing, because Madi was maimed anyway and Cadogan still got the key from her. There are a lot of elements of the end that could have been written differently. And Bellamy fans certainly have a lot to be sad about. No one would blame them if they chose not to “believe” the finale was real. (I still feel that way about the Star Trek Voyager and Battlestar Galactica finales, to be honest.)

But that doesn’t change that we were given a clear roadmap of where Clarke’s heart was in the end. She never did get over Lexa, it seems.

This does provide some “relief” (for lack of a better term) for Becho fans who all along had said Echo and Bellamy were each other’s true loves. They truly were in love when they started dating on the ship, and that didn’t change when Bellamy and Clarke were in each other’s lives again. It’s bittersweet, since Echo and Bellamy couldn’t be together in the end either.

Way back in May 2017, Post Apocalyptic Media had a running poll for top post-apocalyptic ship, and Clexa ended up winning. The Clexa fandom defeated 18 ships for the ultimate win back then. And years later, Rothenberg’s series finale showed that the polling was correct, and Clarke’s heart was ultimately with Lexa.

Creator Jason Rothenberg spelled it out in a post-finale interview with Collider, saying: “We live in a world where the show lasted seven or eight years, and yet for them, it hasn’t been as long but [Lexa] is the love of [Clarke’s] life..”

Bellarke Is Canon in Real Life, Though

Bellarke fans do have one thing they can celebrate: Bellarke is canon in real life. Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are married in real life and absolutely adorable, giving Bellarke fans a real-life couple to love for years and years to come. So the chemistry they saw between them wasn’t imagined. It was real-life chemistry, just not in-show chemistry.

Do you agree with how The 100 ended? You can let us know in the comments below. And if you’re still wanting to share some memes about The 100, why not choose which character’s 2020 calendar meme most reflects how you feel about this year? We’ve got memes for Lexa, Bellamy, Clarke, Indra, Gaia, and Octavia.

Here’s our 2020 mood calendar for Clarke:


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