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Here’s a List of all the Primes on The 100: Their Photos Then & Now

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If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the Prime members and who they’re connected to from that flashback on The 100, you’re not alone. Here’a list of The Prime characters and who they are in the storyline on the show. (This season I’m doing a lot of my writing about The 100 for, but I’m still coming here occasionally for some fun posts that just don’t fit so great there. If you want to check out my stories on Heavy too, just go to this link.)  Not caught up on The 100 yet? Watch Season 6 and earlier seasons on Amazon here

Here is a full list with then-and-now photos of The Primes on #The100. Share on X

This post has spoilers through Season 6 Episode 4. 

On Reddit, u/TerraformerofMars put together this handy guide to who’s who on the show. This chart doesn’t reflect ALL the Primes (and Madi’s aren’t Primes.) There are 12 Primes total, not all of whom are pictured in the chart below. But we list them all in this story.

Spoiler 6×04 "Who’s in Who?" from The100

Becca, Lexa, Sheidheda (and possibly Clarke) are all part of the Flame that’s in Madi’s head. (I know Gaia said that Clarke can’t be in both places at once, but I’m wondering if some kind of exception will present itself after what happened with the Josephine chip.)

Now here’s a look at the Primes:

There are 12 Primes total, divided into four families. These were likely originally all nightbloods who survived the radiation on Earth and were the first 12 people on the planet, who founded Sanctum. I’m assuming they have the best knowledge for helping the planet (actually moon) survive, so their chips are passed down to ensure no knowledge is lost.  Anyone born with Nightblood can take a Prime chip (the same limitation for the Flame chip, but not a limitation for the chip Alie created that let people live in a digital heaven.) Here’s a photo of the original 12 Primes and how they looked in their original bodies:

One family is: Kaylee, Daniel, Victor and Faye. They’re the people who boarded Eligius IV (Clarke’s ship) in Episode 602, trying to find shelter from the Red Sun eclipse. Diyoza and Madi killed Daniel, Victor, and Faye. Kaylee is the one who survived and helped bring them to Sanctum. While on the ship, the Children of Gabriel beheaded the bodies of Daniel, Victor, and Faye. This was so they could stop the chips from being put into new hosts. It’s not known if they’re planning to burn those heads and destroy the chips or if they’re going to save the chips. Here’s what Kaylee looked like then and now:

Kaylee originally (CW)
Kaylee now (CW)

Another family of Primes are the leaders: Russell, Simone, and Josephine Lightbourne. Russell is the dad who went crazy because of the Red Sun eclipse in the flashback. His chip is now in the head of the society’s leader. Remember him?

Russell originally (The CW)

And now he’s this guy:

Russell today (The CW)

His wife is Simone, and she also was his wife on when they first landed too.

Russell and Simone (The CW)

Josephine’s chip is now in Clarke.

Josephine (The CW)

That leaves five Primes.

Priyah Prime’s chip was transferred into Delilah (Jordan’s love interest) in Episode 4. She’s the one who was worried about being a Face Behind the Glass once Priyah was transferred into her head.

Delilah became Priyah (pictured with Jordan) (The CW)

Priyah Prime is the mother of a third family. Her son is Ryker Prime is Raven’s potential love interest, the mechanic who attends the ceremonies but isn’t super interested in all that pomp.

Ryker (The CW)

Here’s what he originally looked like:

Ryker originally (The CW)

The fourth family includes Miranda Prime (she’s the woman we see at the beginning of 603 who first finds Clarke’s group after the Red Sun eclipse ends.)  Rose, the girl who was killed, was supposed to be the host for Miranda’s daughter’s chip. We’re left to assume that Miranda’s husband is a Prime who’s in a chip waiting to be placed into another nightblood body.

Here’s what Miranda looks like now:

Miranda now (CW)

As with all things The 100, there’s a 13th in play. Gabriel is likely the 13th Prime, and he’s the one that Josephine was romantically involved in during the flashback.

Gabriel then with Josephine (The CW)

He’s also the “Old Man” that the Children of Gabriel keep referring to, most fans think. At some point he broke free of the rest of the Primes, probably because he disagreed with embedding the chip in a Nightblood and taking over their personality. (The Primes are very Goauld-like.)

And that’s a wrap. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything important.

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