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How to Stream the Eighty-Six Anniversary Event Online

Watch 86's anniversary event online. (Crunchyroll)

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The Eighty-Six anime’s anniversary event is finally here. Many fans are hoping that they’ll announce renewal plans for Season 2 at the event. If you’re hoping to watch the 86 anniversary event online live or stream it online later, we have all the details below. Unfortunately, it’s all a little more complicated than we had hoped it would be. But there’s a way to try to access the event if you’re interested! 

[Note: we’ve posted a new story about what happened at the anniversary event here.]

Here’s What Time the Events Happen

If you want to watch the Eighty-Six anniversary event live or even later, you’ll need to buy a ticket. There’s just one problem: we’re not sure if English subtitles will be provided for the official video stream or not. Because the official website hasn’t mentioned English subtitles specifically, I’m going to guess that chances are good they won’t be available. But in case they are, you can read about how to get a ticket in the second section. 

Eighty-Six’s official website has an anniversary page here. There are two events taking place on April 10 in Japan. One is a daytime performance and one is an evening performance. According to Google Translate, the daytime show began at 1:30 p.m. Japanese time, and the nighttime show begins at 6 p.m. Japanese time on Sunday, April 10. As of 2:30 a.m. Central on April 10, the daytime first-anniversary event has ended and official Twitter page says the nighttime event is still going to take place. (It’s possible the Google Translate times are slightly off.) 

As of 2:45 a.m. Central on April 10, the evening event is still scheduled to begin later today.

To Stream the Eighty-Six Anniversary Event Online, You’ll Need to Buy a Ticket

A stream was shared on Twitch, but the stream has since been taken down. 

How to get a digital ticket: 

But what if you want to watch it for yourself, and take the chance that there aren’t English subtitles? Or maybe you can speak Japanese and want to see it no matter what! A live stream (that you can also watch later) will indeed be available. But you’ll need to buy a ticket. 

You can buy a digital streaming ticket here. This will allow you to watch online via the PIA live stream, and it includes a live distribution and an archive distribution, according to Google’s English translation. (Please note: we’re not guaranteeing Google’s English translation is 100% accurate, so you might want to confirm details before purchasing.) 

According to the website’s translation, buying a ticket to watch the daytime performance or the evening performance costs 3800 yen. Buying a ticket to watch both will cost you 6500 yen. The archives of both will be available until April 11 at 23:59 Japanese time. 

6500 yen roughly translates to $52.29 USD and 3800 yen translates to roughly $30.57 USD. This is a bit of a steep price to watch an online stream and much more expensive than renting a movie online! But if you’re a big fan, it might be worth it to you. We suggest buying the ticket that gets you access to both streams, simply because the official anniversary website notes that the content between the two performances might be different. You can pay online via Pia card, credit card, or via FamilyMart or Seven-Eleven. We can’t guarantee how buying by credit card will work or if their might be surcharges (there might be a 220 yen system usage charge at the very least.) Like we said, it’s all pretty complicated. 

The website goes on to explain that you will receive a special viewing URL at Cloak after you buy a ticket. A pop-up page also warns that if you sign in during the middle of the stream, it will start from that point and you can’t “rewind and play during live distribution.” They also note that they’re responsible for any Internet problems you might have. 

Cast members who will be present at Tokyo Dome City Hall, according to the official webpage, include Shoya Chiba (Shinei), Ikumi Hasegawa (Lena), Seiichiro Yamashita (Raiden), Natsumi Fujiwara (Theo), Saori Hayami (Anju), Sayumi Suzushiro (Kurena), Misaki Kuno (Frederica), and Yuya Uchida (Ernst). Also present will be Hitori, Hiroyuki Sawano, Kohta Yamamoto, Mizuki, Laco, Cumi, and Takahashi Honoka. 

Here’s hoping they announce renewal news during the event!! We’ll share another story on this website once we know what happened, so be sure and check back in. 

In the meantime, you might want to catch up by reading the light novels. We have all the details here. You might also want to check out our review of that amazing season finale here

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