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The Sol Foundation Releases 17 Videos from Groundbreaking UFO Conference

The Sol Foundation has released 17 videos from its UFO symposium. Pictured is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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A UFO-focused think tank called The Sol Foundation has just released a collection of 17 videos from their inaugural UAP conference. The Foundation’s leadership consists of highly respected figures in the UFO community, including Dr. Garry Nolan from Stanford (executive director of the board), anthropologist Dr. Peter Skafish, Robovision chair Jonathan Berte, and UFO whistleblower David Grusch.

The conference consisted of in-depth presentations from well-respected UAP researchers about the latest questions, policies, and evidence surrounding non-human intelligence. You can see the full video collection in the story below. 

To review a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown of all of UFO whistleblower Grusch’s claims, with citations, see our story here

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Karl Nell

Karl Nell at The Sol Foundation symposium
Karl Nell at The Sol Foundation symposium

Karl Nell is a retired colonel in the U.S. Army and former deputy chief of staff for U.S. Africa Command. He spoke on the Schumer amendment and controlled disclosure. It was his speech which set off the term “catastrophic disclosure” that you may frequently hear on social media and around UFO circles. 

Sol Foundation event
Sol Foundation event

Here is his speech: 

While some elements of his speech are a bit outdated due to the Schumer Amendment being greatly changed before it passed in the NDAA, it’s still an important video to watch. 

As we previously reported, Nell was one of the first people to vouch for Grusch after he came forward. 

Dr. Peter Skafish

Peter Skafish, Ph.D., director of research with the Sol Foundation and previously with UC Berkeley, McGill University, and College de France, spoke on anthropomorphism and ontology regarding NHI. 

Hal Puthoff

Hal Puthoff spoke on “An Overview of the U.S. Government’s Stance on UAP.” 

Puthoff is connected with Skinwalker Ranch research. He was the chief scientist for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies while it worked on an AATIP contract. In a public presentation, he said the group studied topics like warp drives, invisibility, and metamaterials, allegedly including unknown material from crash sites.

Dr. Garry Nolan

Dr. Garry Nolan, Ph.D., spoke on the “Material Science of UAP.” Nolan is a professor in the Department of Pathology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Nolan’s areas of research include cancer, leukemia, autoimmunity, and “computational approaches for network and systems immunology.” He has a PhD from Stanford in genetics and a postdoctoral fellowship from MIT in biochemistry. Nolan is also the founder of a number of biotechnology companies, and was recognized as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford. He was recently featured in Stanford’s magazine in July 2023 for his UFO research. 

In Nolan’s speech, he shared some results from a potential UFO piece that was found at the Socorrow, New Mexico, UFO landing site. The piece was given to him by Vallee. He said it had a clear sign of engineering and the purpose remains a mystery. 

Dr. Paul Thigpen

Dr. Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., spoke on how insights from Catholic theology could inform us about UAP and NHI. He’s a retired professor of theology and author of “Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Catholic Faith.” 

Kevin Knuth

Kevin Knuth, Ph.D., spoke on the physics of UAP. He’s an associate professor of physics at the University of Albany. 

Dr. Iya Whiteley

Dr. Iya Whiteley, Ph.D., spoke on “Trusting and Learning from Pilots.” She is the director of the Centre for Space Medicine at the University College in London. 

Dr. Avi Loeb

Dr. Avi Loeb, Ph.D., spoke on “The New Frontier of Interstellar Objects.” He’s a professor of astronomy at Harvard and director of the Galileo Project. He took an expedition off the coast of Papa New Guinea looking for remnants of meteors that he believed might contain alien technology. They recovered metal spherules that have been the subject of numerous media reports, Thema News reported

In a book, he posited that Oumuamua was something created by intelligent beings. 

Larry Maguire

Larry Maguire, member of the Parliament, House of Commons, Canada, spoke on the Canadian government’s stance on UAP. Maguire was in the news back in June when a UFO memo, allegedly written by him, noted that the Five Eyes Countries were all studying “recovered” UAP material. 

Jeff Kripal

Jeff Kripal spoke on “Paradoxical Thoughts on the UFO Phenomenon from a Historian of Religions.” He holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. 

Christopher Mellon

Christopher Mellon spoke on the potential consequences of disclosure. He’s the former deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and is an advocate for disclosure. He was among the officials who fired back after Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick’s scathing Op/Ed, and was among those who vouched for Grusch early on. 

Among the things he spoke about was noting that we aren’t just dealing with intangible, interdimensional beings but also with “intelligently-controlled solid objects invading restricted military aerospace, sometimes flying in formation…” and at times emitting radiation. 

Dr. Timothy Gallaudet

Dr. Timothy Gallaudet, Ph.D., spoke on how the U.S. government’s apparent UAP apathy is a case of misplaced priorities. He’s a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and former Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He works on Harvard’s Galileo Project and has said that a misguided cold war mentality accounts for the U.S. government’s desire to hide advanced technology. 

Dr. Beatriz Villarroel

Dr. Beatriz Villarroel spoke on “Multiple Transients and the Search for ET Probes.” She’s the director of the VASCO project and Assistant Professor of the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics in Sweden. 

Jairus Victor Grove

Jairus Victor Grove spoke on “Atmospheric and Orbital Threat Reduction in an Age of Uncertainty.” He’s an associate professor of political science and director of the Hawai’i Research Center for Future Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. 

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka

Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, Ph.D., spoke on “Transcending Timelines: Uniting Science, the Humanities, and Intelligence in UAP Scholarship.” She’s a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.  

Dr. Jacques Vallee

Dr. Jacques Vallee, Ph.D., spoke on “The UFO Phenomenon: A Genuine Scientific Problem.” He’s a well known figure in UFO studies, having once worked closely with J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book. 

He’s a computer scientist and venture capitalist who wrote on The Debrief that ten years ago, he was part of the scientific team for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies and had some early classified access to certain UAP images. He said BAASS produced a series of reports that are “still controversial and partially withheld” about scientific developments surrounding these observed objects. He said that a team of programmers and coders were then recruited to implement CAPELLA, a data system he had developed to help the investigation of “global patterns behind the phenomenon.” This, he noted, was part of AATIP. 

He wrote: “It was the first step of a three-stage process I engineered, aimed at supporting a realistic AI-driven investigation of the phenomenon in its global manifestations.” The data included 260,000 reports over a span of 70 years. 

David Grusch’s Closing Remarks

UFO whistleblower David Grusch gave the closing remarks. To review a comprehensive, in-depth breakdown of Grusch’s claims when he first came forward publicly, with citations, see our story here

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