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Stanford Scientist: Skinwalker Ranch Brain Injury Likely Caused by ‘Energy Weapon’

An energy weapon may have caused a brain injury on Skinwalker Ranch. (History Channel)

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Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor in the Department of Pathology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, shared in a recent interview that he believed a Havana-syndrome type energy weapon may have been used at Skinwalker Ranch. Tom Winterton suffered a serious head injury at the ranch, which has been the discussion of multiple episodes on “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History Channel. Nolan shared that evidence points to the injury likely being caused by an energy weapon, possibly from a state actor. 

Nolan is an immunologist known for his research into autoimmunity and inflammation. He’s also the founder of a number of biotechnology companies, and was recognized as one of the top 25 inventors at Stanford. He was recently featured in Stanford’s magazine in July 2023 for his UFO research. 

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Nolan Said the Head Injury Was Likely the Result of an ‘Energy Weapon Pointed at Them’

In July 2022, Nolan sat down for an interview with journalist Ross Coulthart, who was also the first TV journalist to interview UFO whistleblower David Grusch. The interview was just released by 7 News in mid-December 2023. 

During the interview, while they were discussing people who had been injured by UAPs, Coulthart brought up Tom Winteron’s case from Skinwalker Ranch. He said Winterton had suffered a brain injury after being exposed to some kind of radiation or energy.

Nolan was familiar with the case.

“That was a horrific event,” Nolan said. “I mean, not only was the brain matter damaged, but there was an edema across the back of his head.”

But Nolan said this injury appeared to be from a weapon. 

“I think in this … particular case, this was probably more of a Havana syndrome-like interaction where somebody with an energy weapon pointed it at them… I think (it was) also talked about on that TV show. We were able to determine the relative strength of the energy based on how far into the brain it traveled.”

Havana Syndrome refers to a series of unexplained injuries that certain government officials and their families began reporting in 2016, Health reported. Some have brief symptoms while others develop chronic neurological symptoms ranging from headaches, insomnia, to more severe disturbances like hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, and even brain damage including decreased white matter volume. It got its name because it was first experienced by people at a U.S. embassy in Havana, Cuba, in 2016.  Some theories for the causes included insecticides or pulsed radio frequency energy (proposed by the NAS). In October 2021, the Havana Act was signed to provide payments for people suffering from Anomalous Health Incidents. 

Before the first season was filmed, Winterton had suffered an injury to his brain while he was at the ranch. 

Winterton tweet
Winterton tweet

In January 2021, Winterton tweeted that articles about Havana Syndrome catch his attention, because his injury happened during that same time period when others reported similar injuries. 

Someone in the Twitter thread asked him what his official diagnosis was. Winterton wrote, in 2021: “Great question, but I will respectfully decline to answer. There are many things regarding my injury I am not ready to share publicly. Not sure when/if I will. I hope someday I am in a place to share more.”

When someone requested more information, Winterton replied in March 2022, in part: “I have over 600 pages of medical records from my week in the hospital. I have many more from the followup visits (3) related to the investigation. Almost overnight, my injury changed the way I view the world. It turned my world upside down. Forgive me if I don’t feel so inclined to throw personal medical records out for the world to see. If I ever do share, it will be on my timeline and on my terms.” 

Interestingly, Nolan also addressed the injury in a Vice interview in December 2021 (though at the time, Winterton wasn’t named.) 

He said: “With one of the patients, it happened on the Skinwalker Ranch. Given how deep into their brain the damage went, we can actually estimate the amount of energy required in the electromagnetic wave someone aimed at them. We don’t think that has anything to do with UAPs. We think that that’s some sort of a state actor and again related to Havana syndrome somehow.”


Nolan Also Said There Was Potential Evidence from MRIs of Some People Suffering Brain Damage from UAP Radiation

At about 8:40 into the interview, Coulthart asked Nolan whether any pilots who engaged with UAP craft off the East coast of the U.S. had suffered physical injuries. Coulthart noted that some people felt they were exposed to some kind of radiation and were concerned. 

Nolan said that in some cases with personnel on the ground during incidents (not the pilots), they were able to see “damage in their brain tissue that was considerable.”

Nolan then clarified that he wasn’t definitively stating that UAPs had injured them. 

“I am relaying what it is that was told to me,” Nolan clarified. “The confirmatory evidence that I have are the MRIs that basically show…there was damage… You would call it a sclerosis. It would be seen as a scar tissue in the body or the brain. Dead tissue…We generally call it white matter disease.” 

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