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Here’s Who Vouched for Grusch’s UFO Whistleblower Report So Far

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David Grusch is a former intelligence official who recently came forward as a whistleblower, claiming the U.S. has found alien spacecraft (non-human UFOs) and is hiding the evidence from everyone, including the AARO group created to investigate UAPs. (AARO stands for All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and is the Department of Defense’s UAP task force.) A few people have stepped forward to vouch for him or corroborate his story. Here’s a look at who they are. 

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First, Here’s a Review of What Grusch Shared

Before we dive into who’s corroborated Grusch’s story, here’s a quick look at what he shared so far (before the NewsNation extended interview airing later tonight.) Grusch’s claims include the following, which are from The Debrief report unless otherwise noted: 

  • The U.S. has been recovering fragments and intact vehicles for decades (as have its allies and defense contractors.)
  • His sources are high-level intelligence officials, many directly involved with the program.
  • His sources are concerned about illegal suppression of information to avoid Congressional oversight, illegal contracting, and more.
  • The objects originate from a non-human intelligence. (Care was taken not to say extraterrestrial.) 
  • He provided Congress with “hours of recorded classified information” starting in 2022, but Congress has not been given “physical materials” from the wreckage.
  • He also provided the DoD Inspector General with classified information in July 2021, and the Intelligence Community Inspector General found his claims “credible and urgent” in July 2022. 
  • The information he shared with The Debrief was cleared by the DoD’s Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review.
  • Multiple agencies were “nesting” UAP activities in “conventional secret access programs without appropriate reporting to various oversight authorities.” 
  • He described this as a “Cold War for recovered and exploited physical material” between “near-peer adversaries.” 
  • He’s provided names, dates, programs, and locations. 

Now here are the people backing him up. 

Christopher Mellon Said Officials Shared Similar Details With Him

Christopher Mellon, who was previously the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, told The Debrief that “current and former officials” had also shared information with him about the same program Grusch spoke about. He said their details included “insights into the history, governing documents and the location where a craft was allegedly abandoned and recovered.” 

He added that some of these sources didn’t trush the leadership of AARO, which made validating the information tougher. 

Jonathan Grey Said ‘We Are Not Alone’

Jonathan Grey, who has top-secret clearance and works for NASIC (headquartered at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base), told The Debrief: “the non-human intelligence phenomenon is real. We are not alone. Retrievals of this kind are not limited to the United States. This is a global phenomenon, and yet a global solution continues to elude us.” He described it as an “eighty years arms race.”

Grey (who is noted as using the “name” he uses within the agency) said that some secrecy is needed because “potential technological advancements may be gleaned from non-human intelligence/UAP retrievals by any sufficiently advanced nation and then used to wage asymmetrical warfare.” 

The Intelligence Community Inspector General Said His Claims Were ‘Credible and Urgent’

The Intelligence Community Inspector General, Thomas A. Monheim, found Grusch’s claims “credible and urgent.” He was given classified reports, emails, and other documents, journalist Michael Shellenberger shared. Grusch was also prohibited by the DoD from sharing “photographs, pictures, exhibits, captions” or other “supplemental material” that the office didn’t specifically approve. 

Jim Shell, Formerly of Air Force Space Command, Said He Vouched for Grusch’s Integrity


Jim Shell, former Chief Scientist for Air Force Space Command, wrote on LinkedIn: “I will vouch for the integrity of David Grusch! Getting to the bottom of this is elusive and problematic to say the least.  I will assert no matter the conclusion of extraterrestrial materials or not, the DoD and IC security apparatus is in trouble and unwitting accomplices are fostering an abusive system.” 

Journalist Michael Shellenberger Said Multiple Sources Verified Grusch’s Claims

Michael Shellenberger has said that multiple sources verified Grusch’s claim, saying the U.S. has 12 to 15 or more alien/non-human spacecraft. One source said they get a craft every five years, either from a landing or that they “catch” or that crash. A different person said there were at least “four morphologies” of craft, and some were found after the pilots left them unoccupied. 

Another person said that three of the morphologies are: triangle-shape and one that’s “like a chopped up helicopter, with the front bubble of a Huey helicopter, with the plastic windows, or more like a deep sea submarine, with a thick piece of glass bubble shaped, and where the tail rudder should have been, it was a black, egg-shaped pancake, and instead of landing gear it had upside-down rams horns that went from the top to the bottom and rested on the ends of the horns.” 

Shellenberger also pointed out that some intelligence agencies operate under a “Title 50 Authority” and AARO only has “Title 10” authority, so they can’t access all the UAP information that’s available. 

Harry Reid Had Said He Was Told Lockheed Had Some Materials

Harry Reid said he was told “for decades” that “Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials.” He couldn’t get approval from the Pentagon to look at the material, however, and pushed for disclosure, Shellenberger wrote

Retired Col. Karl Nell Said the Assertions Were ‘Fundamentally Correct’

Karl Nell, retired Army Colonel, had worked with Grusch on the UAP task force and said, “his assertion concerning the existence of a terrestrial arms race occurring sub-rosa over the past eighty years focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin is fundamentally correct,” Shellenberger wrote

Sen. Rubio Said Firsthand Witnesses Have Corroborated Grusch

Sen. Rubio told NewsNation on June 26 that multiple people, some with high levels of clearance within the government, had corroborated Grusch’s claims. You can read more about what Rubio shared in our article here.

NASA Mission Specialist Bob Oechsler Was Raising These Claims in the 1980s

Bob Oechsler, NASA mission specialist, said in an interview in 1989 that he started out skeptical about UFOs and then changed his mind as he learned more and saw “thousands” of intelligence documents indicating there was “more than met the eye.” He said this was especially true after talking to Admiral Bobby R. Inmanformer head of the NSA and deupty director of Central Intelligence. He shared a recording from the 1980s included in the video below. In the video, he said Inman told him that the U.S. had hardware from spacecraft that were “in operational condition.” (Inman later said this was taken out of context, as noted below.) 

However, in a more recent interview with Project Unity, Inman said he received zero evidence that the U.S. has retrieved UFOs, seemingly indicating that recording was taken out of context. 

Bob Oechsler, Bobby Ray Inman and UFO Reverse Engineering
by u/GeraltOfRifia in UFOs

Do you believe Grusch’s claims? An extended interview with him airs Sunday night. Learn how to watch it here.

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