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Harvard Professor Claims that 2017 Space Junk is Proof that Aliens Exist


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Astrophysicist and Harvard Professor Avi Loeb claims in his new book that the first recorded space junk to enter our solar system from another in 2017 wasn’t just random rocks or asteroids, but he believes that it was something created by intelligent beings.

In his book, entitled Extraterrestrial, Professor Loeb notes that the object was not only oddly-shaped, but it also looked to be self-propelled. “It didn’t look like a comet yet it behaved some like something that has an extra push,” he said in an interview with CBSN Boston’s Paula Ebben.

The cigar-shaped object, named “Oumuamua,” which means “a messenger that reaches out from the distant past” in Hawaiian, travelled near Earth as quickly as 196,000 mph, according to scientists.

Professor Loeb notes that this object, which NASA confirmed as the first to arrive from outside our own solar system, should be taken as a sign that there are other indicators that we must look for when searching for alien life.

“It’s possible that there is a lot of space junk out there or it is a probe,” Loeb said. “We don’t know because we didn’t collect enough data, enough evidence and I’m just alerting everyone to look for objects like that so that next time there is one coming by we will examine it more carefully.

“We should be open minded and search for evidence rather than assume that everything we see in the sky must be rocks.”

Of course, Loeb was met with much skepticism as even the mention of aliens is still the source of chuckles and sneers, but the astronomer says that it’s time to realize the odds.

“We know that half of the sun-like stars have a planet the size of the Earth roughly the same distance from the star, so they can have liquid water on the surface – that’s the chemistry of life,” he said. “That means that if you roll the dice billions of times in the Milky Way galaxy, we’re probably not alone, and moreover we’re probably not the sharpest cookie in the jar, the smartest kid on the block.”

You may remember earlier last year when Israeli security official Haim Eshed made the claim that there is a galactic federation among the United States, Israel, and other planets to research the fabric of the universe, but this new info from Professor Loeb seems to be in conjunction with what many other researchers are confirming.

Either way you look at it, the acceptance of speaking out about alien life does seem to be on the rise. As Haim Eshed puts it, “If I had come up with what I’m saying five years ago, I would have been hospitalized.”

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