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Missing Balloon Might Be One of the Shot Down UFOs

Possible explanation for UFO revealed

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A possible origin for one of the shot-down UFOs has emerged, and it might be a bit more mundane than some had hoped. It’s not clear how long it will take before we know for sure if this is one of the three objects that was shot down. In President Joe Biden’s speech on February 16, he reiterated that we still don’t know the UAPs‘ origins. 

One UFO Might Belong to an Illinois Hobby Club

Aviation Week reported that a hobbyist club in Illinois is missing its balloon, and they fear it might be one of the objects that the government shot down. The report also noted that they are not “pointing fingers yet.” 

Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) has a balloon whose last location was reported on February 10 just off the west coast of Alaska. An NOAA model forecasted that the object would be over the Yukon region on February 11. 

This just happens to be the same day that an F22 shot down a UFO in Yukon, Aviation Week shared.

Aviation Week describes the balloon as a “silver-coated, party-style, ‘pico balloon'” that is cylinder shaped. 

Aviation Week posited that all three objects’ descriptions resemble those of pico balloons that cost somewhere from $12 to $180 and may come with attached payloads. 

The FBI and OSD told Aviation Week that they were considering pico balloons as a possibility, but NORAD did not provide any statement except to say that they “have no update for you.” (It’s worth noting that the object that seemed to evade pilot sensors is not the one that NIBBB thinks might be theirs.)

Aviation Week went on to note that pico balloons are relatively new and only started being launched in the last 10 years. But, because most weigh less than six pounds, they’re exempt from most FAA restrictions. 

If you want to follow the locations of the NIBBB’s balloons, they have a “locate and track” website here

The Three UFOs’ Debris Has Not Yet Been Collected

Biden said in a UFO press conference that the debris hasn't been collected. (White House)
Biden said in a UFO press conference that the debris hasn’t been collected. (White House)

The debris from the three UFOs has not yet been collected. And while early descriptions of the first object did resemble some Nimitz UAP descriptions, there were also some pretty stark differences, like the fact that these UFOs were at the whims of the wind, while the Nimitz UAPs could move in a way that defied known physics and fighter jets couldn’t keep up with. 

Here’s a quick rundown for each of the three downed objects. 

Alaska: This object was the size of a small car, the Guardian reported. It was smaller and tougher to detect and landed off the coast of Alaska in “difficult terrain” with temperatures in the “minus 40s.” (Gen. Mark Milley via NBC News) This one was at an altitude of 40,000 feet (per CBC), had no signs of propulsion, and was cylindrical and silverish-gray in color (per ABC.) It also interfered with the pilots’ planes’ sensors, and pilots had trouble figuring out how it was staying in the air. (CNN

Canadian Yukon Object: This one was shot down by an F22. It was smaller and tougher to detect (Crenshaw tweet.) It landed in the Canadian Rockies and the Yukon and is “very difficult” to get to. (Gen. Milley via NBC News) This is the one that the NIBBB thinks might be theirs. 

Lake Huron: This object, shot down near the Canadian border, was octagonal in shape and looked like it might have strings attached, the Guardian reported. It is believed to be the same object originally seen in Montana that caused the airspace to close. Rep. Crenshaw tweeted that this one was larger and easier to pick up by radar, more closely resembling a balloon. According to Gen. Milley, this one is probably “a couple 100 feet depth” in Lake Huron and will take time to recover. (NBC News

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