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Two UFOs Shot Down in Two Days Spark Comparisons to Tic Tac UAP

Still from a Pentagon UFO video

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In less than 48 hours, two UFOs (or in today’s vernacular, UAPs) have been shot down. This is an extraordinary development that has taken over national headlines. At least one of the objects matched some of the classic descriptions of a Tic Tac or cigar-shaped UAP, with some pointed differences. Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about these two UFOs/UAPs.

The Second UFO Was Shot Down in Canadian Airspace

Let’s just start with the most recent news and work our way back. The second UFO was just shot down on the afternoon of Saturday, February 11, over Canadian airspace. 

One headline from a CNN report below seemed to indicate it might be a spy balloon, but all indications from the first object was that it was not a spay balloon. 

Officially, CBC reported that it was NORAD who shot down the unidentified object in Canadian airspace (yes, that means it officially matches the definition of a UFO, which doesn’t necessarily mean alien origin). Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he ordered it shot down because it was violating Canadian airspace. A U.S. F-22 “successfully fired at the object.” 

Trudeau added in a tweet that “Canadian Forces will now recover and analyze the wreckage.” 

The object was in northern Canada, but no further details were shared, CBC reported. At this time, we know less about that object than we do about the one that was shot down over Alaska in U.S. airspace.

The Object Shot Down Over Alaska Did Not Appear to be a Chinese Balloon, According to Early Reports

Still from a Jeremy Corbell UFO video
Still from a Jeremy Corbell UFO video

This object was shot down the day after the U.S. shot down an object seen in Alaskan airspace. 

What we know about that object: 

  • It was at an altitude of about 40,000 feet just off the Alaskan coast (per CBC
  • There was concern it posed a danger to civilian flights, and that was why it was shot down (CBC)
  • Recovery operations continue on Saturday and weather conditions have slowed this somewhat. However, they believe recovery will be successful and they’ll learn more about it. (ABC
  • It was the size of a small car (ABC) 
  • Pilots had visuals and got images of the object (ABC) 
  • It had no sign of propulsion (ABC) 
  • It was “cylindrical and silver-ish gray” (ABC) 
  • The object seemed to be floating without “any sign of propulsion” and was “at the whim of the wind” (ABC) 
  • Officials said they did not have enough information to determine if it was “balloon-like.” (Personal note: Considering how quickly they could identify the Chinese surveillance balloon, I think the hesitation is a clear indication that this is not another Chinese balloon.) 
  • Fighter aircraft determined it wasn’t manned (ABC) 
  • It was first detected by ground radar stations (The Debrief)
  • It was not similar in size and shape to the Chinese balloon (The Debrief) 
  • It interfered with the pilots’ planes’ sensors (CNN
  • Pilots couldn’t figure out how it was staying in the air (which seems to rule out balloon) (CNN) 

Last week, the U.S. shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon, but current indications don’t point to Friday’s object as being the same thing. 

Some People on Social Media Are Comparing This to the Tic Tac UAPs

Some people have pointed out that the description of the Alaskan UFO resembles the “tictac” UFO that we have heard about in previous reports, at least in some ways. (But not all.)

A Reuters article described a Tic Tac UAP as being a “smooth, white oblong object.” These were seen during training missions at the USS Nimitz in 2004 off the Southern California coast. But during those missions, the objects seemed to be able to respond to approaching aircraft, even though they lacked “any visible flight control surfaces or means of propulsion.” 

The only part from Friday’s takedown that doesn’t match a classic Tic Tac description is that Friday’s object was at the whims of the wind. Tic Tac UAPs definitely weren’t. So does that mean it’s different, or that it had malfunctioned or lost maneuverability? Speculation is running rampant. 

Interestingly, newer information from CNN even further matches Tic Tac descriptions, with a note that it seemed to interfere with pilots’ sensors and they couldn’t figure out how it was staying in the air (which seems to rule out a balloon.) 

People can’t help but make comparisons to the Tic Tac UAP. 

But many feel there’s no way an F22 could take down a real Tic Tac UAP.

Garrett M. Graff of Wired, CNN, and other publications, noted on Twitter that this is “one of the oddest UFO shootdowns that the US has ever done.”

As a refresher, here’s what those UFO videos from Navy pilots showed: 

So far, there’s no indication that the ones shot down this week were related to the Tic Tac UAPs seen at the Nimitz. While some parts of the descriptions match, others do not. For now, we’ll have to wait for debris to be collected and hope for transparent disclosure. 

All this has been happening while we’ve also been following reports about bird flu. There’s a lot of apocalyptic news to unpack these days. 

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