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OREO Made a Doomsday Vault and I Know Where I’m Going When the Bombs Drop

Oreo Vault

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Call it a publicity stunt or call it pure genius, but there’s a doomsday vault in northern Norway that is made specifically to save the classic cookie, and its various recipes, in case of an apocalyptic event.

The OREO vault was built in Svalbard, Norway, literally right down the street from the Global Seed Vault, in preparation for Asteroid 2018VP1, which was supposed to hit Earth around this week. “OREO isn’t risking a future without the world’s favorite cookie…” the company stated in a press release.

And they’re serious. The press release goes on to give the exact coordinates of the vault and explain that if the asteroid does hit the earth, we’re all welcome to head there and help the OREO legacy live on.

The company really planned ahead with this one, too, as the vault not only contains Mylar-wrapped OREO cookies and the recipes, but also powdered milk.

Road trip, anyone?

[Via Business Insider]


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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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