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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of Nov 5-11

YT Roundup

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This week’s YouTube collection is heavy on the short films, including one from Nigeria, a clip from one of the oldest apocalyptic movies ever, and a parody of a scene that is in every post-apocalyptic movie. Check out the list below!

Loggerheads — Post-Apocalyptic Short Film
“In the midst of a global catastrophe, two estranged brothers living off the grid struggle to survive in this contemplative post-apocalyptic short film.” That description from the video really says it best. I must say, it’s refreshing to watch an indie short film that isn’t just one guy walking through the woods with a hoodie on. This one, although glaringly low budget, has some quality acting and a rock solid plot.

The Walking Dead Final Episodes Table Read
This table read (while practicing social distancing) from the cast of The Walking Dead is an amazing thing to watch if you’re a fan of the popular zombie apocalypse series. Complete with scenes from the show, we get a real feel for what we can expect with those last six “bonus” episodes for Season 10, including a little tease about the future of Maggie and Negan.

The Red Thread | A Post-Apocalyptic Short Story
This audio book, as read by channel owner Magnetar, is adapted from the short story by Sofia Samatar originally published in June of 2016 in Light Speed Magazine.

Every Post-Apocalyptic Movie has this Scene
Time to break up the seriousness we’re used to by poking a little fun at the tropes we often find in these post-apocalyptic films.

Opening Scenes from Things to Come by H.G. Wells (1936)
H.G. Wells might not have realized in 1936 that he was creating the primer for decades of zombie movies, but that’s what Things to Come was. This isn’t the whole film, just the first 11 minutes, but well worth a watch.

Z: THE BEGINNING — African Short Film
While this is a repost of the original short film from 2019, this video led us to the original (and a rabbit hole of other African short films!). This 10-minute movie is the work of a group of talented Nigerian teenagers who made a pretty impressive piece in only 7 months.

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