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When Is the Next Attack on Titan for Season 4 Part 3? Is It New Today?

Attack on Titan

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If you were hoping to see a new Attack on Titan today, a week after the last episode, then we have some disappointing news. Unfortunately, there will be a long hiatus before the next episode airs. Here’s what we know so far. 

Attack on Titan Is Not Having Weekly Episodes for Season 4 Part 3

MAPPA is doing things differently this time around for Season 4 Part 3. Unlike previous seasons, where a new episode was released weekly, this won’t be the case this time around. 

Instead, MAPPA is concluding the series with two hour-long episodes, rather than premiering new episodes each week. 

The first new episode aired on Friday, March 3, 2023. First, it aired in Japan and then the subtitled version aired hours later in the early evening in the United States. 

But the concluding hour-long episode won’t be out for quite some time. 

The Next New Episode Airs in Fall 2023

The next new episode won’t air until the fall of 2023.

According to a rough Google English translation from the show’s official website, Attack on Titan’s final episode will air in Fall 2023. 

In the anime world, the fall season typically begins in October and runs through the end of December. So we’re looking at a return date anywhere from October to December 2023. 

And don’t expect a series of weekly episodes either. We’re expecting one hour-long episode to wrap everything up. 

In the same announcement, MAPPA also released a teaser trailer for the finale. You can watch it here or below. 

See the translation of that teaser trailer and more details in our story here

Last week’s hour-long episode was horrifying and hauntingly beautiful. You can see our review, where we compare it to the manga, here

And looking at the manga, it’s clear that there’s only enough content left for about an hour. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Part 1 covered volume 33 of the manga. Only one volume — volume 34 — remains. And while it’s a bit longer than volume 33 and contains one additional chapter, much of the manga is action-filled. So that means that an episode that’s about an hour or so in length will be more than enough time to cover everything that’s left. 

If you’re a manga reader and are curious about whether or not we believe there will be an anime-only ending, check out our story here.

Overall, the first hour was phenomenal and horrifying all rolled into one, so we expect no less from the last hour of one of the best animes to ever grace our TVs and monitors. 

Since there wasn’t an opening song to Season 4 Part 3 Part 1, we doubt there will be an opening song to Season 4 Part 3 Part 2. But there will likely be another ending song, and that could be epic. If you haven’t seen the full version of the ending song for the most recent episode, featuring the special animation, that is shared in our story here

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