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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Ending Song: ‘Under the Tree’ Lyrics & Full Video

"Under the Tree" (MAPPA)

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Part 1 didn’t have an opening song, which disappointed some fans who love the traditionally energetic and inspired OPs for the series. But the one-hour movie did keep one tradition: the emotionally driven ending song that often leaves clues for what’s to come in the future. S4 Part 3’s ending song is by SiM. Here’s a look at the full video below along with the song lyrics. 

The dub version of Season 4 Part 3 was just released on September 10, 2023. This one had the same ending song, so viewers of the dub will be interested in this story too. 

Watch the Full Video for ‘Under the Tree’

There was some confusion at first, because a lot of people had heard that SiM’s song, “Under the Tree,” was going to be the opening song for Season 4 Part 3. But when the movie began without any opening song, viewers quickly realized that it was going to be the ending song instead. 

The video released during the ending credits is drastically different from the official SiM video released by Pony Canyon, which includes scenes from the episode itself. You can watch that video below. 

Here are the lyrics, as shared in the YouTube video above. The parts in italic were translated from Japanese in Pony Canyon’s YouTube video. 

Where are you at?
Where have you been?
There are no answers for my questions. 
Where are we headed?
What did you mean?
It’s too late, too far to follow after you. 

A bird, a butterfly, and my red scarf
Don’t make a mess of memories
Just let me heal your scars
The wall, the owl, the forgotten wharf
Our time is running out. 

We’re getting older
Second by second by second

Why, oh, why? Why, oh, why?
Don’t you want to stay with me?
Why, oh, why? Why, oh, why?
Are you giving up on me?

I’ll be waiting, waiting for you
Let me hold you under the tree
Under the tree

I’ll protect you.

The Song Is Also Called ‘Mikasa’s Theme Song’

Here’s a screenshot from the official Attack on Titan website

This poignantly sad song matches the feeling from previous ending songs. It’s also called “Mikasa’s Theme Song,” which tells you a lot. Much of the song is lamenting that Eren left her, which is nothing short of heartbreaking. 

The main website notes about the song (in a rough Google translation): 

“While incorporating elements such as orchestral strings and choir, which are indispensable for talking about the outstanding masterpieces so far, along with ‘Eren’s Scream’, SiM’s unique deep bass, just like ‘earth rumbling.’ It was ‘The Rumbling’ that aimed for a song that would be devastating. To be frank, I was a little worried until the release of what kind of response it would have, but I feel that the answer is that I was entrusted with the ending of this important episode that reaches the final phase of this story. This time, ‘UNDER THE TREE’ is Mikasa’s song. I think it’s better to talk about this song a little later, so please look forward to the final part of The Final Season (Part 1.).”

It’s worth noting that the version we saw after the episode had vastly different graphics than the official video. Much focused simply on someone walking through grass, showing only their footsteps. And there was a lot of bird imagery.


Along with tree imagery. We saw the tree that Eren woke up under as a child. (At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the tree, right?) 



We saw the PATHS tree. 



And this tree. 



This appears to be the tree from the episode “From You, 2000 Years Ago,” the tree that Ymir fell into. 

On Reddit, fans loved this song. One person wrote, “Aot just doesn’t miss 😂 it’s almost silly at how there is almost no weak points surrounding this title.” 

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