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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3: See Return Date & Trailer Not Aired in U.S.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Part 2 (MAPPA)

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If you watched Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3‘s hour-long episode, you’re no doubt spending some time processing everything that happened. But when will the show return for the true finale? The official website has announced approximately when it’s coming back, along with sharing a teaser trailer that wasn’t aired in the U.S. 

Attack on Titan Returns in the Fall

The bad news is that there’s going to be a long hiatus before Attack on Titan returns. The good news is that it won’t be a year like we waited this time around.

According to a rough Google translation from the show’s official website, Attack on Titan’s final episode will air in Fall 2023. 

Of course, this covers a pretty wide range of months. In the anime world, the fall season typically begins in October 2023 and runs through the end of December 2023. So we’re looking at a return date anywhere from October to December 2023. 

We won’t be getting multiple episodes either. Instead, it will be like the latest special, and we’ll get one new episode that is approximately one hour in length. 

MAPPA Released a Teaser Trailer for the Ending

In the same announcement made on March 4, MAPPA also released a teaser trailer for the finale. This is a teaser trailer for the very last episode premiering this fall. Interestingly, this teaser was not included at the end of the version that was aired on Crunchyroll or on Hulu. 

You can watch it here or below. 

There isn’t an official subtitled translation for this teaser trailer, but it appears to be mostly a replay of what Falco told Annie and Gabi in the last episode. 

The rough translation reads: “I had a dream. Zeke’s dream or memory. The memory I see the most is the memory of flying above the clouds. I feel like I can do that too.” 

Falco (MAPPA)
Falco (MAPPA)
Falco (MAPPA)
Falco (MAPPA)

So it looks like the teaser trailer really doesn’t offer any new information. There’s no new animation, instead just a replay of Falco’s conversation. This is the scene where he and Gabi told Annie that they believed he had gained some of Zeke’s powers when he consumed his Titan fluid, just like Annie can gain some other Titans’ powers when she consumes Titan fluid. (And also like we saw Eren gain the ability to harden after he consumed the hardening fluid.) 

Falco is saying that he has a memory of Zeke’s of one of his predecessors being able to fly, and he thinks he might be able to do that too. 

It’s not a groundbreaking teaser since it doesn’t share anything new to the viewers, but it’s interesting that they decided to make the focus of the teaser be about Falco out of all the characters. 

The latest hour-long episode was horrifying and hauntingly beautiful. You can see our review, where we compare it to the manga, here

If you haven’t seen the full version of the ending song with the special animation, that is shared here

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