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Mr. Prepper Game Review: Build Your Own Doomsday Bunker

Mr Prepper

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With the recent boom of popularity for prepping, it’s exciting to see a brand new game that focuses so heavily on the preparation process. You’re not fighting zombies in this game or defending your base from gankers and griefers. Mr. Prepper is a simple game about a simple premise: preparing yourself for the apocalypse. And that’s why I love it!

It’s important to note that this “Prologue” version of the game is basically an extended free demo. Developer Rejected Games originally released a demo back in June, but this standalone prologue has more of the story and extended gameplay content included. While the full version is currently in development, there is no set release date yet.

The game starts you off outside your home where a government agent is telling you that you better behave after a recent escape attempt resulted in the confiscation of your vehicle. The agent will be returning periodically to check up on you and to make sure you’re not doing anything suspicious — like building a doomsday bunker!

So the rest of the game is you building a doomsday bunker while trying to keep it a secret from the feds. You’ll also need to keep a close eye on your hunger bar, energy bar, and your general preparedness rating. If you’re too tired, hungry, or confused, you’re not going to do well with your preps. Makes sense.

This side-scrolling game allows you to build your bunker straight down under your house. You’ll eventually build multiple rooms with a variety of purposes, from a workshop to a farming area to a sustainable power supply and more. All the materials you need for your bunker will be found in items around your house that you can break down into raw materials, trading with your neighbors, or scavenging in the forest. But don’t get too carried away with the crafting or the agent may notice that all your pots and pans are missing or your water consumption (used for your underground farm) is much higher than normal.

Mr Prepper

You’ll complete a series of basic quests that introduce you to crafting, exploring the forest, solving puzzles, and generally dealing with how to survive. After watching a few of the developer’s livestreams, it looks like the game will get much deeper (pun!) with a more engaging storyline that introduces more characters along the way.

Overall, I think the game has attractive graphics, is easy to grasp, and introduces a few exciting concepts like common sense preparedness and survival mixed well with that Big-Brother-is-watching angle. But at this point, I just want to keep going! Getting that free taste of the game is nice but I wonder if I’ll still remember this enthusiasm when the game launches in months or years from now.

For now though, I’m enjoying myself in the game and plan to stream it on our Twitch channel this Saturday. [EDIT: Check out my livestream of this game here!] Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more info on when exactly I’ll stream the game so you can join me and see it for yourself. Or, if you’re already convinced, check out the free download for PC on Steam.

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