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YouTube Round-up: The Greatest Post-Apocalyptic and Survival Videos on YouTube this Week

Best YouTube Vids of the Week

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YouTube has become quite a content entity in the last few years, offering some of the best independently and commercially produced videos on a regular basis, but with that high quality content also comes a lot of fluff. Well, luckily for you, we’re here to sort through that fluff and showcase the very best post-apocalyptic content that we could find on YouTube.

This weekly round-up may include short films, home videos, game or movie trailers, livestreams… basically anything that catches our attention in the post-apocalyptic realm, but only from this week.

So let’s check out this week’s picks:

Seven-Day Waterworld Survival Challenge: Day 1 — Fowler’s Makery and Mischief Channel
Zachary Fowler won the third season of the TV show Alone, and now he’s back to making videos on his popular YouTube channel Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. This week, he began a new series where he and his friend are surviving on a home-built raft in the water for seven days. This first episode details the raft’s design, build process, and the first day setting up and living on the raft. Fowler is an entertaining guy who knows what he’s doing (except when he doesn’t!).

Return to Planet Apocalypse – Should You Back It? — BoardGameCo Channel
Planet Apocalypse is both a board game and a D&D 5e-based role-playing game that has hit Kickstarter to bring out new apocalyptic content. In this video, BoardGameCo takes a more detailed look at the campaign, offering his opinions on the content, gameplay, and value.

Survival Kit Overnighter in Early Fall — Waldhandwerk Bushcraft Survival Channel
German bushcraft survivalist Sepp Fischer is joined by Susanne Williams in this episode where they talk about overnight forest survival using only a small survival kit.

How to Survive a Wildfire — How to Survive Channel
This popular survival channel breaches the timely topic of surviving a wildire with helpful tips mixed in with a good dose of humor for good measure. The video is full of pop-culture reference clips that keep it interesting, yet the survival advice is on point.

Dual Survival Season 1-3 Episodes — Dual Survival Series 2020 Channel
Dual Survival was a hit TV series on the Discovery Channel starring survival expert odd couple Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin. While Dave is the hard-nosed military veteran, Cody was more of a bare-footed naturalist. It got wacky.

This channel features selections of full episodes from the first three seasons, which, in my opinion, were the best seasons before Dave and Cody left.

Abandoned Italy, Episode 3 — Broken Window Theory
If you like watching people explore post-apocalyptic urbex wastelands, this video is for you. In it, we see some amazing shots of an Italian power plant that has been left abandoned for several decades and the effect time and weather has had on it.

Survival Expert REACTS to Rust — Gamology
Rust is a multiplayer survival game that has become infamous over the years for how hardcore it is, especially for new players. So in this video, survival expert and anthropologist Kinga Phillips reacts to the more interesting aspects of the game’s features. Is Rust realistic? Will you find Kinga making a character any time soon?

If you have a YouTube video you’d like to add to this week’s list, throw it into the comments below.

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