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MMO Publisher Gamigo Shutters Post-Apocalyptic MMO Defiance 2050

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The Post-Apocalyptic MMO apocalypse continues with more bad news. After Fallen Earth was taken offline in 2019, Defiance 2050 has now followed suit.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Defiance 2050 closed down its servers for good on April 29th 2021. We first got wind of the closure in February, when MMO website Massively OP reported that Gamigo will be shutting down the original Defiance from 2013 and its remake Defiance 2050. This was just one of three titles the publisher closed down in an effort to clean house and it has players of its other titles worried about the future.

When it was originally revealed, Defiance stood out among the rest for not only being a video game, but also having a tie-in with the SyFy show of the same name.

DefianceTaking place in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco Bay Area after an alien invasion, the events in the show would affect events in the video game and vice-versa. The show did well for its first two seasons, but the show was canceled after its third season due to financial problems in 2015. The game kept chugging on though, and even produced a remake in 2018.

It’s always sad to see an MMO close its doors. No matter how few players there are in those games, the ones who stay are always the ones who love the game the most.

It might take a while to find a new game, but the post-apocalyptic genre is never short on games still in service! So until players can find their new forever home, there are some options in the interim. Horizon Zero Dawn is available for free until May 14th 2021 on the PS4, and Fallout 76 (which is good now!) just had an update for multiple C.A.M.P slots!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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