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What Happened to Miles on Snowpiercer Season 2? Where Is He?

Where is Miles on Snowpiercer?

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What happened to Miles on Snowpiercer? The smart boy who was going to become an engineer was essentially Layton and Josie’s adopted son. He figured prominently in Season 1. But in Season 2, he seems to have disappeared. In fact, one exchange in Season 2 Episode 3 really left fans wondering all over again what happened to Miles, after he had such a major plotline before. Here’s what we know about Miles’ fate.

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This article will have MAJOR spoilers through Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 3. To read our review of the latest episode, see our story here.

Miles Has Been Missing in Season 2, But He Was Mentioned Once

Miles is pretty much MIA for the entire second season. Not only is he nowhere to be seen, but none of the characters mention him at all. And this is really starting to bug me. While Miles wasn’t technically Layton’s or Josie’s biological son, they treated him as if he was essentially their adopted son for all intents and purposes. As a little background refresher, Miles was put on the train alongside his family and his mother hid him so he could survive. But his parents were slaughtered during the boarding, and the Tailies ended up raising Miles. But for most of Season 1, it really felt like Miles was basically Layton and Josie’s adopted son (without the formal adoption papers.)

The huge absence of Miles became more apparent in Season 2 Episode 3, when Layton visited a disfigured, damaged Josie and they spoke about his future. At one point, Josie reminds Layton that he’s going to be a father soon, and this really got me thinking about Miles. Isn’t that a natural time when Miles would come up in the conversation? He wasn’t Layton’s biological son, but he might as well have been. Josie and Layton obviously loved Miles very much. This would be a natural time for Layton to say, “Hey, I’m already a father. And even though my new child will be a priority, Miles will always be a priority too.”

Reddit thinks so too:

But nope, instead, neither character said a thing about Miles during that conversation.

He did get a brief mention in an earlier episode. According to the Snowpiercer wiki, he was mentioned briefly in A Great Odyssey, when Josie said she didn’t want Miles to see her in the condition she was in.

But still, it’s really odd to have a character who was so prominent now be completely gone. I mean, if Alex’s role as an engineer and train conductor on Alice is such a big deal, then Miles’ being trained as an engineer should come up too. But alas, it hasn’t.

So that one throwaway line at least let us know that Miles isn’t dead, because I seriously wondered if I had missed something. But it also looks like he just isn’t going to be around.

On Reddit, u/eldritch48, who works on the show, commented in response to a question about Miles: “He’s not in the season at all, according to IMDB. I worked on the show and wondered the same thing…change in creative direction maybe? I was never told.”

Another viewer, u/fashionaphorism, suggested that maybe they were mad about him letting LJ into the engineers-only section and he was demoted or sent back to “school purgatory” and had a lot of his freedoms restricted. They added: “I mean its the only thing that seems like a possibility other than drawering but i doubt layton would drawer his own son.”

The Actor Who Plays Miles Is Being Mysterious About the Character’s Future

Some people have said that Jaylin Fletcher, the actor who plays Miles, was given a bigger role elsewhere and that’s why we’re not seeing him on the show. According to his IMDb, Fletcher is starring in eight episodes of Clickbait in 2021. Clickbait is described as “A collection of stories that show how people’s uncontrolled impulses are fueled in the age of social media.”

His Twitter bio lists Clickbait, but it also lists that he currently plays Miles in Snowpiercer.

On Twitter, Fletcher is being mysterious about whether we’ll see Miles or not. His last post was on February 2.

He wrote: “#milesnmiles on #snowpiercer#tntdrama is he coming back this season? Inquiring minds are asking! Dunno…just tune in on Monday’s 9Pm”

When asked the same question on January 28, he just wrote: “I appreciate the love!”

In mid-October, he tweeted that he was back in Australia quarantining for 14 days to start filming Clickbait.

On the day of Episode 3’s premiere, he shared a photo from his time on the show on his Instagram and asked fans to tune in, but he didn’t drop any hints about Miles’ fate. On his Instagram Story, he shared screenshots of people asking about Miles, without revealing Miles’ fate or when he might return.


Some fans are still holding out hope that Miles will be back.

One fan said that Mr. Wilford will have met his match when Miles advances in the ranks of engineering.

It’s unclear if Miles is returning, since the actor who played him isn’t revealing what’s in store for the future. It looks like we’ll have to keep tuning in every week and hoping he comes back.

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