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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of February 4-10

YT Round-up

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YouTube is saturated with “first look” gameplay videos this week, but we managed to find a few other post-apocalyptic offerings to finish out our round-up. On top of the gameplay vids, we have an animated short film and an amazing post-apocalyptic table lamp design teaser that will have you firing up that old welder to try one out for yourself. Follow along for the whole list below!

Era Of Newborns First Look Gameplay
While Era of Newborns looks extremely low budget at this point, it’s all over YouTube this week. Some who have been playing it seem to think that it is promising but now you can be the judge by watching this video!

Roxley Team Radlands Tournament (of Destruction!) – Round 1
We covered Radlands a few weeks ago but now that the Kickstarter campaign is almost over, we’re (pleasantly) amazed to see how popular it’s become. In this video, the developers themselves show off some of the board game’s best features in a tournament style game.

CGI 3D Animated Short: “No Trace” – by Paris Marin | TheCGBros
While it’s super short at two-and-a-half minutes, this animated short film is quite a treat.

BIOMUTANT Gameplay Demo 2021
Biomutant is another highly anticipated game for us, and until recently, we haven’t seen much of it beyond a couple rehashed trailers. This videos show much more of the gameplay and features to get us excited for its launch (hopefully this year!).

This Post Apocalyptic Table Lamp Looks Like It’s Alive
I have a special fascination with post-apocalyptic decor, especially when it involves welding. This video is a teaser for a Mad-Max-style lamp build that will be featured in a longer video later on Rainer Weldinghand’s channel.

First Look – Simpocalypse | Post Apocalyptic Survival Incremental
Simpocalypse is another game we’ve had our eyes on for a while, and it’s good to finally see more gameplay footage of it. This one is the first 30-ish minutes of the game in early access.

The Forbidden Lands | Ep. 29 | Clear the Way
If you’re a big fan of tabletop gaming, you may appreciate the way this one is done. This group of friends has been playing The Forbidden Lands together for a long time, and I just love how involved they get with their character interactions, even over Zoom.

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