The Singularian Grimoire Anthology



Sovren was designed by Sixsmith Industries, the best and brightest of his age. Years of research, decades of data mining, and more centuries than any human was supposed to live, put together an army of ultimate soldiers whose minds were the only thing human: Singularians.

Linked to a synthetic body made to look as human as possible, Sovren could never get tired, would never starve to death during war, and could go undetected from any form of spying equipment. The fact that he wasn’t human bothered no one. At least, not until the machines formed one, giant, hive mind that drove mankind to the edge of extinction.

Now, Sovren is the only one left of his kind, and, hunted down by what remains of humanity, he finds himself battered and broken in a cave with no memory of what happened the day of the cataclysm. What he does know, is that people have made it their sole purpose to destroy the last remains of Sixsmith Industries. But with an old archenemy rising and leaving his mark on the population through wicked science experiments, Sovren realizes he is suddenly far from the least human creation walking the earth. The world is torn between becoming machines or becoming monsters to survive, and Sovren finds himself at the center of a war where his entire existence may become the key to lasting peace.

Set to recover his memories before doing anything else, Sovren meets strange and intriguing people along the way. Humans seeking to become Splices, Splices looking for what it means to be human, old A.I. systems that wish to come back into existence once more, and his own creator’s worst enemy, all help put the pieces to the puzzle back together… unraveling the secrets that have turned the world into the post-apocalyptic warzone it is today.

Each month, a new volume of stories and illustrations will take you through one of these puzzle pieces. It is up to you to connect the dots, put the pieces together and discover the secrets with Sovren and his crew by your side. Available in both e-book and paperback format, subscribing to the books will also unlock exclusive collector’s items, behind-the-scenes footage, and much, much more.

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