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Exposing Location of Massive UFO Could Create International Nightmare, Journalist Warns

Tantalizing clues are being dropped about a large UFO hidden in plain sight. This photo illustrates what UFOs might look like. (Canva)

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Journalist Ross Coulthart, who was one of the first to interview whistleblower David Grusch about his UFO allegations, has been opening up more about what he knows about UFOs. One of the topics he’s been talking about is a UFO that was so big, it couldn’t be moved. Instead, it’s hiding in plain sight, but revealing its location might cause an international nightmare. He recently shared more tantalizing clues about the UFO. 

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A Large UFO Is Being Kept In a Place With a ‘Laudatory’ Purpose Outside the U.S.

In a recent interview with That UFO Podcast, which was released on October 8, Coulthart shared a few more details about the massive UFO that was so big, a building had to be constructed over it rather than trying to move it.

Screenshot from That UFO Podcast's YouTube channel
Screenshot from That UFO Podcast’s YouTube channel

“I can’t tell you the country it’s in, it’s not America,” Coulthart said. “But what I can tell you is that the place where it is kept is used for another purpose that is a laudatory purpose. That’s as much in your interests in your country in the UK, as it is in mine in Australia, and as it is in America. So, the simple reasons are: there are other uses for the place where this object is stored.”

He Said There Are Personnel There & a ‘Storm Area 51’ Situation Would Be a ‘Nightmare’

When asked if a “Storm Area 51” type scenario there would be bad, Coulthart agreed.

“I can tell you mate, that would be a nightmare. Absolute nightmare…” he said. “I know a lot of people think journalists just publish and be damned, but I’ve been in situations where I’ve known the identities of active intelligence operatives in countries overseas, and I’ve realized, Christ if I published this I could jeopardize their lives. So there’s an element of source protection as well. I don’t want the personnel in those facilities to be hurt… And it could create an international incident.” 

He Said the UFO Was So Big, A Building Was Built Over It

Coulthart has previously talked about the UFO in other podcasts, including in an interview with Project Unity in July 2023.

In that interview, Coulthart was asked whether companies would just hide their UAPs rather than let the government take them, based on pending UAP legislation. 

Coulthart replied: “What if some of that ship is so big, it can’t be moved? … So big they built a building over it. In a country outside of the United States of America. I know that sounds preposterous… Imagine if what Mr. Grusch is saying is true. Think about the implications of that… Some of these objects are not capable fo being moved because they’re too bloody big…”

He added that multiple sources told him about the UFO and he believes them. 

This was the first time Coulthart had spoken publicly about the large UFO that couldn’t be moved.

He Said Revealing the Location Would ‘Compromise Worthy U.S. National Security Imperatives’

He answered another question about the UFO in an interview with “Surviving the Survivor” on July 12.

He was asked if he could share more details about the giant UAP. First, he said that releasing its location would compromise national security imperatives.

“One of the things that I’ve learned to respect, Joel, is there are some things in this UAP field that are being kept very secret for a good reason,” Coulthart said. “The source that told me about the large craft that allegedly is being stored inside a building in a foreign country outside of the United States, assured me that it was safe for me to reveal that such an object exists. That it would be extremely dangerous and compromise worthy U.S. national security imperatives were I to reveal the location…”

He said he was also under an immense responsibility to protect his sources.

“The simple fact is that I am under an enormous ethical obligation to my sources,” Coulthart added. “And there are multiple corroborative sources that have told me about this. I’ve been able to verify the location. Simple fact is, I can’t reveal it and I really can’t say any more… One of the things that I think will soon become apparent…is why I’ve made the decision that I can’t reveal any more than that… Not because I have any doubt about the evidence, I’m pretty confident frankly…”

He said that he’s had U.S. soldiers covering his back in Iraq and Afghanistan and he highly respects the U.S. intelligence community. 

“I am not about to say or do anything that compromises your national security or mine,” Coulthart concluded. 

One Whistleblower Said a UFO Was Stadium-Sized on the Inside & Couldn’t Be Moved

While it’s not clear if there’s any connection between this story and the one Coulthart is speaking about, lawyer Daniel Sheehan told Daily Mail that a UFO whistleblower shared with him a story about a UFO that was smaller on the outside, but stadium-sized on the inside. 

Sheehan said he was told the UFO was a 30-foot saucer, stuck in the ground partway, but it felt like the inside was the size of a football stadium. When officials tried to pull it out of the ground, a shape started to pull off almost like a slice of pie, so they stopped. 

“They had a guy go into it,” Sheehan told Daily Mail. “He got in there, and it was as big as a football stadium. It was freaking him out and started making him feel nauseous, he was so disoriented because it was so gigantic inside… He staggered back out after being in there a couple of minutes, and outside it was four hours later.”

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