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It’s Time to Come Back to Fallout: Nuclear Winter and FO4 Mods

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I have not been shy about my criticisms of Fallout 76. It has been a huge disappointment to me as a fan of the franchise.

First they said you could sign up online to be part of the BETA testing. Then they changed their minds about that and made you pre-order the game first. After that, they sold people canvas bags but swapped them for cheaper bags that nobody wanted.  Recently, we’ve seen the introduction of a pay-to-win mechanic in the game – something they promised us would never happen. Not to mention the abysmal shape the game shipped in. It’s all felt very cash-grabby.

As for me, I stopped playing the game months ago – mainly because at level 35 I still wasn’t having fun. The game was buggy and the environment was not my cup of tea. The realism just wasn’t there for me. Why can’t I make this soup with purified water instead of dirty water? Why did a new group of ghouls just spawn before my very eyes? What’s with that random person running around in a ridiculous Vault Boy costume?

Leaving Fallout 76, I decided to go back to Fallout 4 and start a new game. I wanted to try two mods in particular, and they did not disappoint. Applying just two mods completely changed my game experience.

Mod #1 is Immersive Gameplay.

It essentially adds realism to bullets and explosives and mole rats. You do not survive grenades in real life, so why should your character? This also makes enemies easier to kill. Everyone is just a bullet away from death. It’s tense and difficult to survive in the wasteland. As it should be.

Mod #2 is Sim Settlements.

This incredibly popular mod makes the wasteland come alive. Because in Sim Settlements, your settlers start DOING SOMETHING WITHOUT BEING TOLD. You can play the role of wasteland law-man, protecting the settlers, and they will happily build lives for themselves, fortify your towns, and give you free stuff. You assign companions to manage settlements and build your empire. They are even adding quests and settlement warfare. It is an absolute blast.

I highly suggest mixing these two great mods. It makes the wasteland truly dangerous and compelling. A must try.

This second playthrough has been great fun, but I have always kept an eye on Fallout 76 – just hoping to someday get that Fallout goodness that I have loved so much in the past. And with Nuclear Winter, they did not disappoint.


There, I said it. I want to play it right now. Why am I writing this article when I could be playing Fallout battle royale style?

I’ve played PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile – you name it I’ve probably played it. And full discosure, I’ve logged more than 100 hours on PUBG Mobile alone. So take it from me:

Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter is not some tacked-on half-assed game mode.

It is well thought and balanced. It is exciting every single match, and it introduces a whole bunch of new ideas to the battle royale genre. This game is refreshing and you need to go give it a try.

What makes Fallout Nuclear Winter so special?

This is getting its own article which I will link to above. In the meantime, here is a short summary of what to expect from Nuclear Winter that you won’t find in other battle royale games:

  1. Teamwork is not optional. Having the numbers in a battle really matters a lot in this game, mainly because the weapons aren’t nearly as accurate as in other battle royale games. In Nuclear Winter, a group will almost always prevail against an individual.
  2. Bullet scarcity and weapon variety combine to provide a unique experience every game. Especially at the beginning of a round, you are forced to make due with whatever you can find. This is, of course, a common occurrence in battle royale games. Any time you land near an enemy, you may be forced into early combat. But with Fallout, your choice of gear is so limited and randomized, you are forced to adapt your play style for nearly every game.
  3. The landing mechanic is unique and interesting. No jumping out of planes. You pick on the map where to land. You are then shown everyone’s starting location on the whole map. You see a lot of red dots in your area? Better find a gun fast because you’re in for a fight.

Don’t pay any mind to those things saying the Nuclear Winter beta is over on the 17th of June. Bethesda has decided to continue the game mode indefinitely – and committed to updating and improving it.

I’ll see you out there. Try not to get killed and, please, turn on your mic.

    Derek is a licensed (non-practicing) attorney with a keen interest in avoiding catastrophe. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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