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The 100 Season 6 Episode 7 Review & Recap: Nevermind Was Horrifying & Mesmerizing

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I am absolutely loving Season 6 of The 100. They’ve created an entirely new mythology, but it’s built solidly on the foundation of the previous mythology from Earth. Becca still plays a role, Clarke isn’t completely infallible, and the Primes are evil with enough shades of grey to have some interesting discussions about the nuances of immortality. Jaha did whatever it took to save his people and the Primes are doing the same (except they only see their original 13 as “their people.”) We also get to watch Clarke still battle her demons with a look to self-sacrifice. It was a great episode, so of course I had to write a recap and review all about Season 6 Episode 7 of The 100. (This post, of course, has spoilers for Season 6 Episode 7 of Nevermind.) 

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Did you like the episode as much as I did?

First, I loved Clarke’s drawings in her mind space. It was a clear callback to when she drew on the walls while she was a prisoner in on the Ark in the pilot.

But they also used the drawings to reveal so many other aspects of Clarke’s memories. We got to see her reunited with her dad, we got to see her remember the pain of killing Finn, and we got to see her remember the joy that Octavia once had (and how she’s changed since.) We saw Bellamy figure prominently on her wall, along with memories of her best friend Wells, but none of her past best friends or loves figured as prominently as Lexa. It’s obvious that Lexa is still her “soul mate” until she finds or accepts another. Clarke crying on Lexa’s throne said it all.

But they didn’t focus on that for too long. They moved on to Clarke’s present and future, as they needed to do. And we saw that the new prominent face on Clarke’s wall is not Lexa but Madi. Madi is Clarke’s daughter and the “love” of her life, even if it is a different kind of love.

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We also see an amazing moment where Clarke is ready to sacrifice herself so Madi and her people can live. Have we ever seen Clarke demonstrate this level of willingness to die for her people before? She’ll kill for her people, but die for them? Perhaps Clarke has fought off some of her own demons now.

Also amazing was welcoming back ALIE. I know some people didn’t like ALIE, but I really did. I love all the levels of chip technology, from this mind drive that is the first version, to ALIE and her chip that brought people to a fake paradise, to ALIE 2.0 aka the Flame, which stores consciousnesses without letting them take over. I didn’t expect the twist that ALIE’s code was alive in Clarke’s brain and wanted to live as much as Clarke does, so it was the code that saved Clarke from being wiped. Congratulations The 100, you had a twist that I didn’t see coming.

Also, what about ALIE being the true hero in this episode? She fed Clarke a false memory of the EMP freeing Raven from ALIE’s control, which now has led Josephine to believing an EMP will get Clarke out of her head. The truth is that Raven had to die to be freed from ALIE. The EMP killed the chip. So the EMP is likely going to kill/wipe Josephine’s mind drive too. Wow.

And did anyone else love that glimpse we got of a pre-apocalyptic world? I loved it. But it was already dark and foreboding, with all that talk about water rationing and dust. And what about Becca’s magazine cover?

[Spoilers 607] The Franco file from The100

Also, I really enjoyed the scene where Monty and Clarke gained control of Josephine’s most painful memory, so they could use a memory she was trying to ignore to control a finger and send Bellamy a message through Morse code. It still doesn’t make sense that those Christmas lights would make her finger move, but I can suspend disbelief here and enjoy the ride.

It was a great callback to Stranger Things, in my opinion.

And now let’s talk about oblation.

(First, if you need a refresher on the Primes’ identities, we’ve got one here.)

We also learned that Kaylee killed Josephine’s previous body because Josephine killed Isaac when he tried to stop her from delivering a null baby to the tree. (Anyone get some Game of Thrones vibes here?) I guess nulls are born without any nightblood gene at all, so breeding with them dilutes the bloodline. Josephine’s feeding null babies to people-eating trees through a ceremony she calls oblation. But I think there’s more to this than meets the eyes.

Remember, those trees are creepy and eat people in a slow and agonizing way.

Those trees also deliver a healing sap. I think the trees have to eat people to create that healing sap, and the Primes are maybe reliant on it somehow.

We still have a lot of mysteries to solve. Gabriel, Prime #13, is still alive in a 95-year-old host. It’s unclear how the time anomaly works (or if Gabriel is using it to keep himself alive longer.) The Children of Gabriel want the Primes stopped too. And Madi is still on her own journey of vengeance with the dark commander. Really, this season has a lot of twists and turns, and tonight’s episode was no exception. I’m truly enjoying each step on the journey.

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