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Best Black Mirror Episodes for Post-Apocalyptic Fans

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Black Mirror has just released Season 5 on Netflix, so now it’s time for a roundup of the best Black Mirror episodes for post-apocalyptic fans. If you love all things doomsday-related, then you’ll want to give these episodes a try. Remember: Black Mirror is an anthology series. Although many episodes are tied together through Easter eggs, only one episode (Black Museum) needs to be watched after all of Seasons 1 through 4. The rest can be watched in any order, including these.

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The first episode on the list is, of course, Metalhead. This is a pure post-apocalyptic episode where robots have taken over the world (at least it seems that way) and mankind is struggling to survive. It’s a bleak episode focused on sheer, raw survival that post-apocalyptic fans will love. And as with all Black Mirror episodes, it’s amazingly well done. Once you watch it you might have some questions about the ending, which I addressed in a story here.

Metalhead is the only pure apocalyptic episode on Black Mirror, but there are others that will appeal to post-apocalyptic fans.

Men Against Fire


Men Against Fire takes place during a war in a foreign country, where soldiers are killing mutated humans known as roaches. That’s about as much as I can tell you without giving anything away. The premise might feel familiar to apocalyptic fans. This episode is well done and definitely worth the watch.

Hated in the Nation

Although there’s nothing apocalyptic about this one, it has an interesting thought experiment that apocalyptic fans are going to like. The description reads: “In the near-future, a police detective in London works with a tech-savvy sidekick to investigate mysterious deaths linked to social media.”

White Bear


There’s a survivalist feel to this one that apocalyptic fans will find intriguing. It’s raw but also terrifying. The description reads: “Two women set out to destroy a transmitter that has turned the population into dumb voyeurs.”

Fifteen Million Merits


I’m recommending this one because it taps into the desperation that is often seen in apocalyptic films, and it’s just incredibly well done. The description reads: “The Hot Shot talent show offers the only way to escape a life of physical drudgery; this imagined future reality presents a satirical take on entertainment shows and society’s insatiable thirst for distraction.”

Electric Dreams’ Autofac 

If this isn’t enough, I have a suggestion from the Electric Dreams anthology, which was Amazon’s attempt at creating its own version of Black Mirror. One episode in the season is called “Autofac” and it’s pure apocalyptic. It’s about humans who are surviving after a nuclear war, fighting against robotic forces.

Electric Dreams also has a near-apocalyptic episode called Crazy Diamond. That wasn’t one of my favorites in the series, though, so I’d recommend trying other episodes first in Electric Dreams.

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