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Robert Bigelow Sheds Light on Connection Between Skinwalker Ranch and Mount Wilson

A scene from The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (History Channel)

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Robert Bigelow owned Skinwalker Ranch before selling the property to Brandon Fugal. Bigelow’s always been secretive about what he saw and discovered there while working with the government, and hasn’t even shared the data with Fugal. In a recent interview, Bigelow touched on some interesting things that happened at Skinwalker Ranch and his other property, Mt. Wilson Ranch. He even noted that he needed to share one incidence in particular with Fugal for a potential future episode of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.” 

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A Remote Viewer, Who Was Highly Regarded by the Government, Saw Something Unique Underground at Skinwalker Ranch

In a recent interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Bigelow opened up about some of his paranormal experiences, including interesting phenomena that happened at Skinwalker Ranch when he owned it, along with other properties. He said that a remote viewer who was highly regarded by the governmetn saw something quite unique when trying to see what was underground at the ranch. 

At about 9:27 into the interview, Bigelow hinted about a big discovery that a remote viewer made when looking into Skinwalker Ranch. 

“One of the contracts I had [was] with a very well known, highly regarded remote viewer that worked for the government for quite a period of time, and was tested by the government…” Bigelow recalled. “So I hired him to to remote view the Skinwalker Ranch. And boy… he was very accurate… And I’m just thinking this is going to give Brandon [Fugal] some ideas now that he can do in the show. Because what was really interesting was what he revealed as to what he thought was underground at a significant depth.”

Unfortunately, Bigelow dropped the conversation at that point and they began a live Q&A, with no one following up about what the remote viewer had seen. But Bigelow thought it was interesting enough that Fugal, the current owner of the ranch, should look into it more. Since this interview was from September 2023, it’s possible that it might influence future episodes or seasons of the show. 

Bigelow Said There Was a Corridor of Strange Activity that Included Skinwalker and Mr. Wilson Ranches

As the series “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch” has noted (which can also be watched on Frndly TV), Bigelow didn’t just own Skinwalker Ranch when he was conducting experiments with the government. He owned a number of other properties, including Mr. Wilson Ranch. “Beyond Skinwalker Ranch” had a fascinating episode about Mt. Wilson Ranch and strange phenomenon there. Bigelow explained why he bought the ranch and some experiences he had there. 

At about 5:36 into his interview interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Bigelow spoke about why he bought Mt. Wilson Ranch and things that happened there. 

“When I first started to do ET UFO research I personally interviewed about 235 people … and most of those interviews were in the area between Caliente [Nevada], Panaca [Nevada] and Pioche,” he said. 

Here’s a map showing that corridor. Mt. Wilson Ranch is located in Pioche. 

“The Mt. Wilson Ranch was in line with that,” he explained. “And the more people I interviewed, the more it was obvious that events were happening … up and down that corridor and the Mt. Wilson Ranch was part of that corridor. And so I thought, well it could be an interesting laboratory, and so that’s why I bought it…”

He went on to talk about how he interviewed a lot of people, and didn’t pay attention to sightings that were from really far away. But there were plenty of other sightings that caught his attention. 

“I had some really good interviews with people…” Bigelow said. “…I wanted stuff that was literally in your face or chasing you in your car, you know, or you’re sitting outside the restaurant and you’re seeing this literally football stadium craft drifting across your town… So those are really interesting accounts. And [Mt. Wilson Ranch] had a log house there that was about 1875 vintage and it had a saloon… And then a little motel that they had there… [It was an] interesting place about 145 acres in size.” 

He Said One Sighting at Mt. Wilson Ranch Was Similar to Skinwalker Ranch

At about eight minutes into the interview, he talked about what people saw there — including a phenomenon quite similar to Skinwalker Ranch. 

“I was talking with these neighbors because there were quite a few other homes outside of the ranch,” he recalled. “…A group of them one night are looking up in the sky and this unidentified flying object … was doing figure eights, and it keeps doing them and doing them. And so they’re standing there and watching this and then it deviates dramatically and it shoots off at low altitude right into the mountain itself. But there’s no explosion. It’s just gone.” 

In Skinwalker Ranch’s most recent season, they also noted an orb that seemed to go straight into the mesa and then come out the other side. 

Skinwalker Ranch Season 4
Skinwalker Ranch Season 4 Episode 12

“So the guys get together the next day, the next morning, they hike up there to the mountain and they’re looking for debris, they’re looking for burnt shrub…” Bigelow recalled. “They find nothing absolutely nothing. And that’s similar to the story off the Skinwalker Ranch. There’s a highway and there’s a mountain that that they had to cut in order to continue the highway… We talked to somebody that said they had seen a craft go right into that mountain and disappear.”

In Season 4 Episode 12, the Skinwalker Ranch team did a rocket and helicopter experiment. Later, while viewing the footage, they realized that a glowing, white orb appeared to move across the mesa, disappear into it, and then reappear on the other side. You can watch the video of the orb in action below. The part where it is seen going in and out of the mesa is around 8:20 to 8:40 in the video or so. 

After the episode aired, there was a discussion on Reddit in which a user claimed they had seen orbs at Skinwalker Ranch quite a bit.

Based on Bigelow’s comments, this wasn’t the first time this incident was observed — and Skinwalker Ranch isn’t the only place it’s happened. 

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