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How to Read the Chainsaw Man Manga Online for Free

Chainsaw Man's first manga volume

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Chainsaw Man was one of the most anticipated Anime Expo panels this year, and fans were extra excited about the title premiering on Crunchyroll sometime in 2022. Others though were curious to learn more about this new title coming to the screens. I am one of the guilty ones! What is Chainsaw Man and why are people so incredibly thrilled to see an anime adaptation of the manga? We should delve into the books to find out! So here is how to read the Chainman manga online.

How to Read the Chainsaw Man Manga Online

First, we need to ask ourselves, “What is Chainsaw Man?” The title itself makes it sound like it is a gory show, and you would be right in your assumption! Chainsaw Man tells the story of Denji, a poor young man who merges with a dog-like devil named Pochita after striking a pact with him, allowing him the power to change sections of his body into chainsaws. Denji ultimately joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organisation dedicated to combating demons whenever they pose a threat to the globe.

The fact that he can change sections of his body into chainsaws already should tell you that it’s going to be gory and definitely not an anime for children

chainsaw man

You can read the first three chapters for free on Viz Media’s English Shonen Jump and join later if you enjoy the manga.

The manga is also available on MANGA Plus, but you’ll have to download the app in order to read it for free. The upside is that it is available in multiple languages. There are currently 100 chapters for you to go through! There is also this fully free website, but it doesn’t seem to be an official Chainsaw Man manga site. 

29-year-old Tatsuki Fujimoto (Fire Punch, Goodbye Eri) is the author and illustrator of Chainsaw Man. He stated that he was inspired by a variety of works. During Chainsaw Man’s serialisation, Fujimoto expressed that he was too busy, but he watched as much fresh material as he could and stole numerous elements from what he saw.

He revealed on Twitter that he was a fan of the 2016 film trilogy Kizumonogatari, and that the trilogy’s last fight, featured in Part 3: Reiketsu, influenced Chainsaw Man’s final battle.

(You’ll have to click on “translate” in this tweet to read what he said!)


He also called the series a “wicked FLCL” and a “pop Abara.”  Fujimoto intended many components of the series from the start, while others were incorporated as the series went. 

The manga had over 13 million copies in circulation as of June 2022. It won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen category in 2021, as well as the Harvey Awards for Best Manga. Critics have generally praised Chainsaw Man, praising its storyline and characters, and highlighting its horrific moments within the context of the plot.

It’s also safe to mention that the series might be controversial because of its gore, but also since the narrative takes set in 1997, in an alternate reality in which the Soviet Union still exists and certain events, such as the Holocaust, do not appear to have occurred. And this might just rub some people the wrong way.

Have you read the manga yet? And what did you think about it? 

You can also check out the official trailer for the anime below.

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