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What Happened at Chainsaw Man’s Anime Expo? Is There a Trailer?

Chainsaw Man Anime Expo Panel (Crunchyroll)

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Chainsaw Man’s Anime Expo panel was one of the most-hyped events of the entire Anime Expo event this year. Fans were hoping for a release date, trailer and more. But unfortunately, fans walked away a little disappointed. While the discussions were enjoyable, many of the concrete details we were hoping for were lacking. 

The Crowd Was Massive

Chainsaw Man is likely going to be as big of a phenomenon as Attack on Titan. Check out the crowds attending the panel, as shared by @Daoxingames on Twitter.

Here’s another look at the massive crowd. 

A New Trailer, Key Visual & Release Date Were Not Shared

Unfortunately, some of the things fans were hoping for the most simply did not happen. We didn’t get a new trailer, and we didn’t get a new key visual. 

We also didn’t get a release date. 

That’s right. Fans didn’t get a new trailer or a new key visual. 

The latest rumor is that we might get more concrete news at the Crunchyroll Expo in August. 

Fans are pretty disappointed though. 

The MAPPA CEO said during the panel that he wanted to bring more concrete news in today’s panel, but wants everything to be perfect before it’s shown.

The Panel Did Talk About Censorship & Anime-Only Scenes

Manabu Otsuka(Mappa CEO), Hiroshi Seko (Series Composition) and Mokoto Kimura (Executive Director) attended the Crunchyroll panel. 

The anime’s producer attended the panel, along with the CEO of MAPPA. It looks like the voice cast was also not announced. 

MAPPA has been interested in making Chainsaw Man into an anime ever since the manga first released, QuadLuck_ shared on Twitter. The CEO of MAPPA is also a huge fan of the manga and wanted to create an anime that l0yal fans will love.

The producer also said they’re working closely with Fujimoto. “We want this to be a representation of the original even down to the casting of the voice actors.” 

The producer also talked about censorship, noting: “We want to make sure everything is hard core, no soft stuff!” 

On Twitter, Shonenleaks revealed just how excited and bought in MAPPA is for the anime.  

When asked how Chainsaw Man was chosen for adaptation, they revealed: “We started looking at CSM right when manga debuted. Usually with anime production there’s smth called a production committee, but this time we’re actually doing this 100% on our own.” 

The panel also revealed that they will be creating some anime-only scenes not seen in the manga. 

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