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Alone Season 10’s Return: What We Know So Far

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Alone Season 9 is almost coming to an end with Episode 11 airing today, August 4. This means that the finale is upon us! Grab your popcorn, make yourself comfortable, and let’s see if your guess on who will win this season of Alone is right! It is such an incredibly addictive show and we can’t even wait until the next season shows up on our screen. But when will Season 10 of Alone air? 

Alone Season 10’s Return: What We Know So Far 

History Channel
History Channel

Alone is notorious for airing from June until August for most of its seasons. It’s only fair to assume that the next season of Alone will air from June 2023 to August 2023. So far away from us!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much online about the next season yet. How will we cope with the lack of episodes, aside from watching reruns of the series?

Well, we have some good news for you! Even though Season 10 doesn’t have an official release date yet, we already know when the next season of Alone’s franchise is going to air. And it’s already almost here. 

Alone Spinoffs

The popular survival competition show on the History Channel has led to two spinoffs: Alone: Frozen and Alone: The Skills Challenge. Alone: Frozen will start airing at 9 pm ET/PT on August 11, 2022, on The History Channel. The first episode of “Alone: The Skills Challenge” will air on Thursday, August 4 at 10:30 pm ET/PT. On August 11, it will follow “Alone: Frozen” at 10 pm ET/PT.

This means that right after the finale tonight, you’ll be able to watch the very first episode of Alone: The Skills Challenge. You can keep tabs on your favorite History channel shows on their website, and on the TV Guide website.

Alone: The Skills Challenge

History Channel
History Channel

In Alone: The Skills Challenge, three past competitors will be competing “to complete incredible bushcraft builds using only basic tools and the natural resources around them.” Their builds will be judged on “ingenuity, experience and wilderness skills.”

Participants will make their best effort to impress past Alone competitors who will be judging their creations, and the projects will range from raised shelters to hand-crafted stoves to boats.

The challengers will self-document their adventure much like they did in Alone, but this time it will take place on their own terrain.

Callie North (season 3), Lucas Miller (season 1), Amós Rodriguez (season 7), Britt Ahart (seasons 3 and 5), Jordan Jonas (season 6), Joel Van Der Loon (season 7), and Clay Hayes (season 8) are among the survivors. 

Alone: Frozen

alone frozen
The History Channel

In Alone: Frozen, six of the most formidable competitors from previous seasons of Alone are back for a second go-around to demonstrate how well they can hold their own in the wilderness.

History Channel notes: “Dropped off on the icy North Atlantic Coast of Labrador, Canada, just as winter is starting to set in, and battling howling winds, constant rain, and North America’s most fierce cold-weather predators, survivalists will set out to last 50 days in a location with the highest density population of Polar Bears in all of North America.”

The show also notes: “Returning survivalists of Alone: Frozen include fan favorites Greg Ovens (season 3), Woniya Thibeault (season 6), Callie Russell (season 7), Mark D’Ambrosio (season 7), Amós Rodriguez (season 7) and Michelle Finn (season 8).”

The survivalists who make it through the entire challenge with just a limited amount of supplies and the knowledge that they’ve gained from their past experiences will be awarded a shared portion of the $500,000 cash reward.

Which spinoff do you think you’ll enjoy more? And are you looking forward to Season 10? We sure are!

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