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Chainsaw Man Execs Reveal Censorship Plans for the Anime

Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

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The Chainsaw Man manga is known for having some pretty intense scenes (to put it lightly.) Some fans of the manga have been concerned about whether or not the anime is going to be true to the manga, or if it’s going to have to censor some of the gorier scenes for television. During the Anime Expo 2022 panel in July, Chainsaw Man execs addressed those questions with a clear promise to fans. 

The Anime Will Be Raw & Not Heavily Censored

Manabu Otsuka(Mappa CEO), Hiroshi Seko (Series Composition) and Mokoto Kimura (Executive Director) attended the Crunchyroll panel. Although the panel was massively hyped, we ended up not seeing a trailer, a voice cast release, or even a new key visual. 

Still, some details were shared, including how the anime is going to approach censorship. The CEO of MAPPA is a huge fan of the manga and wanted to create an anime that loyal fans will love, we learned in the panel, thanks to QuadLuck’s tweets. Because of his dedication to the manga, we’re going to see the anime staying true to the manga’s story. 

The producer talked about censorship, noting: “We want to make sure everything is hard core, no soft stuff!” 

This really seemed to be a theme during the panel. Shonenleaks picked up on the same emphasis when sharing what happened on Twitter. 

Some people were worried about censorship, but the producer assured the panel that he wants to maintain the rawness of the manga and the realness of the images. 

They’re working closely with Tatsuki Fujimoto on the production, which will also help ensure the rawness of the manga remains in place for the anime. 

QuadLuck_ confirmed the same, quoting the panel as saying, “We are working very closely with him (Fujimoto.) We want this to be a representation of the original even down to the cast of the voice actors.” 

Intense and sensitive scenes will be “perfectly adapted” into the anime, they shared. Shonenleaks’ takeaway was: “Simply put, no censorship.” 

The producer assured fans that yes, the gory scenes from the manga will not be censored. 

Quadluck included this quote from the panel: “We always want to emphasize the rawness of the original and the realness of the images. We want it to be dynamic and theatrical.” 

The producer said not censoring the anime is their priority “first and foremost.”

“We want to be true to the source material,” they added. 

More Details from the Panel

Other revelations from the Anime Expo 2022 panel included learning that they’ll be following the manga very closely, but there will be some anime-only scenes. 

“We are trying to keep as closely to the original,” one person on the panel said (according to QuadLuck_ on Twitter.) “We may add more time to some scenes that have more impact.” 

The addition of anime-only scenes, also confirmed by Shonenleaks, is a pretty big deal. 

It’s also exciting to know that they are true fans, so we can only imagine that the anime is going to be quite exciting to watch. 

Still, it’s not clear yet when the anime is going to release, and some fans are worried it might be delayed. Here’s the only trailer we have so far, in case you want to watch it again: 

Time will tell what to expect, but so far the news about Chainsaw Man is looking good. 

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