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Top 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Gift Ideas for Christmas

Top 10 Post Apocalyptic Board Games

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Christmas is just around the corner, and for those of us who just didn’t see the time fly by, we’re really thankful for Amazon this year! How is it a little over two weeks until Christmas already? Better stop asking questions, and start taking action. Here are our top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Board Games gift ideas for Christmas for those in your life who just can’t get wait until SHTF!

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Top 10 Post-Apocalyptic Board Games 2022

1. The Walking Dead: The Board Game

With all of the recent buzz about The Walking Dead’s finale this past month and of course in order to celebrate the upcoming spin-offs the franchise has to offer, it goes without saying that a The Walking Dead board game is essential and should be wrapped under your tree this year! 

The Walking Dead Board Game 

2. Posthuman Saga 

The universe of Posthuman serves as the backdrop for the competitive survival action-adventure game known as Posthuman Saga. Travel through a crumbling world where resources are scarce and mutants wander the broken mansions and woodlands equally as you try to make your way across the region.

PostHuman Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Gift Ideas 

3. Battlelands

The game Battlelands is a frenetic and intense version of the classic concept of turf war, but it is played in a world where people no longer exist. Now, animals all throughout the globe are vying for territory, food, and valuable technology in an effort to ensure their own survival.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Battlelands

 4. Radlands

Daniel Piechnick, a former external developer for Magic: The Gathering, is responsible for the creation of the fierce dueling card game Radlands. It consists of a deck of cards with very little writing on them and a concise set of rules, making it incredibly sophisticated from the point of view of both the components and the game concept.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Radlands

5. Fallout The Board Game (Base)

Fallout is a thrilling adventure game that is based on the popular video game franchise created by Bethesda Softworks. The game begins with one to four survivors at the edge of an uncharted terrain with the main purpose of surviving as long as possible. Nevertheless, surviving is just the first step in the process.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Fallout 

6. Armageddon Board Game

Players in this Marling & Thompson game set in a post-apocalyptic world attempt to put the pieces of civilization back together.  Gather whatever supplies you can find and construct new fortifications to strengthen your defenses against the marauders. Armageddon is a strategy game that is appropriate for all ages and provides players with a variety of options, both strategic and tactical, to achieve victory.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Armageddon

7. Fallout Shelter The Board Game (Base)

You play the role of one of the vault officials in Fallout Shelter, and your objective is to ensure that the people who live in the vault are content. You will be responsible for delegating jobs to your inhabitants, managing the vault’s resources, and protecting everyone from any dangers. 

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Fallout Shelter

8. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game Board Game 

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game is a unique experience that can only be had with tabletop games. It is a story-driven experience about making it through a harsh winter in a world after the end of the world.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Dead of Winter 

9. Petersen Games Planet Apocalypse (Core Game)

Planet Apocalypse is a fun game for 1 to 5 people to play together. You are heroes in a post-apocalyptic world who are fighting the armies of hell. As you fight demons from each circle, each game is different.

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Planet Apocalypse

10. Gatefall Board Game | Chapter One: Fantasy vs Post-Apocalyptic

This game encourages players to take up a lot of space while they play. There are no difficult setup processes or component searching involved. No large rulebook. Just a basic, simplified gameplay that provides a TON of different options and ways to play. 

Post-Apocalyptic Board Game Gatefall 

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