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The Best The Walking Dead Christmas Gifts Ideas

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas

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How are we almost done with 2022 already? And why is Christmas almost here? Some of us have just started to make Christmas plans and got to decorating, but we also have some who are super prepared and gifts already have begun to stack beneath their trees, or hidden in their closets. But what about those of us who are like deer in headlights stunned, realizing how quickly Christmas is coming? Well, we’ve gathered a few ideas for those in your life who are TWD fans, and made a list of some of the best The Walking Dead Christmas gifts ideas. 

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The Walking Dead Christmas Gifts Ideas

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas
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With Rick Grimes being seen on screen in the last episode of The Walking Dead, (it’s not a spoiler anymore, is it?) and with the Rick and Michonne spinoff soon coming up, get your friend this Rick Grimes bobblehead figurine to celebrate the return of one of our favorite TWD survivor!

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas 

Got friends or family who are fans of escape rooms? Get them the Escape Room in a Box: The Walking Dead Board Game! It will be sure to create some (frustrating) fun during the holidays!

The Walking Dead Christmas

You know some people who are die-hard fans of the show? Let’s start at the roots and give them this autographed print of some of the original, earlier good and bad guys of TWD.

 The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas

The comic compendium is also a great idea for The Walking Dead fans in your life. It has a lot of similarities to the show, but they will find that a lot is also different! And hey, maybe you want this gift to yourself, too! Start with volume one and find out.

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas

Funko Pop figurines are also very popular with collectors, let alone TWD fans. This Carol Funko Pop character is absolutely adorable.  

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas Carol 

Got a good cook in your family? Or maybe you just want to learn some pretty dope recipes? This The Walking Dead Cookbook is perfect for people who love the show.

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas cookbook

And last but not least, keep your loved ones warm this winter with this The Walking Dead throw blanket

The Walking Dead Christmas gifts Ideas blanket

Put It All Together in a Special Gift Basket

We’ve mentioned this in a previous story, but if you want to make your gift extra special, then put all your items together in a special gift basket. But not just any gift basket will do. You’ll need a wooden crate, hay, stencils, and red and black paint to make this beauty. 

The key is to make it look old and a little scary, with the words “Property of the U.S. Army” (or nowadays maybe CRM) so it looks official. Make it look like there’s blood on the outside of the box with some strategically placed paint, and put a “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” warning on the top. You can check out our story here for pictures of what the box can look like. Then you can hide all the gifts you bought from the section above inside the box! 

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