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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Full Ending Song & English Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Ending Song

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Chainsaw Man Episode 10 was another phenomenal episode with the perfect ending song. Here’s a look at Chainsaw Man Episode 10’s ending song below, including the full music video and a look at the complete lyrics in English. 

Here’s the Video for the Ending Song by People 1

Chainsaw Man Episode 9’s ending song is by People 1. Here’s the official video as shared by MAPPA. The video is 1:29 in length.

The rough Google-translated title for this song is “Dogland.”

Here’s a link to where you can play the song on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and more.

According to Chainsaw Man’s Fandom page, this song was composed by Deu, arranged by Deu and Hajime Taguchi, and performed by People 1. 

English Lyrics to Episode 10’s Ending Song

In an unusual move, MAPPA’s official video, shared in the section above, has closed captioning turned on for the video. But the only lyrics shared are: “I am sorry,” which is kind of interesting. 

However, the YouTube channel Goodlight shared Spanish subtitles and lyrics for the song, which you can see in the video below. 

Below we’re providing a look at the translated lyrics from Goodlight’s video above, as compared to LyricsKPop and other sources as relevant. We’ll put alternate translations in parentheses. Know that these aren’t official translations, but just meant to give you an idea of what the song is saying. Interestingly, LyricsKPop had a lot more lyrics than we saw in the Spanish subtitled video, so we’re only including the parts that corresponded with the Spanish sub. 


Imagining is an emotional, somehow ambiguous job (Imagine the mostly vague emotional labor) 

After everything, each one has their orders (After all, each name is an order)

Recruiting without luxuries (Conscription regardless of one’s character) 

Look, my crazy curse! Now who will be next? (Look, it’s a crazy curse, who’s next.) 

There’s no way to win at all in this disaster (There’s no way you can win with a mess like this) 

My heart will be delivered to you (I’ll give you my heart)

One more time, melt this noise that’s in my chest (Melt it once more, this murmuring of my chest)

And someday you’ll break this unbreakable curse (Someday please break this unbreakable curse)

Hug me tightly to your chest one more time (Hold it tightly with that chest once more)



Turn it around to infamy (Good-bye, go around infamy)

Burn your body to dust and let it resound in the city (Burn your body into ashes and resound in the city)

Like a never-ending rain, like a never-ending night 

Attack the city with loud fanfare


The time to dream is over (I can’t sleep on Friday)

It doesn’t matter if I find them and destroy them all.

Someone I don’t know will destroy this spark. 

I’ll steal that flag and burn it. 

Let’s go, let’s go! 

[Repeat chorus]

I knew well what loneliness was like. 

It’s all your fault. 

Here’s What People 1 Said About the Song

Chainsaw Man Episode 10
Chainsaw Man Episode 10

On the official Chainsaw Man webpage, People 1 said about the ending song (according to a Google translate version): “I read the first episode in a jump and I remember being very excited. I didn’t do PEOPLE 1 itself at that time, so I mean to be in charge of ED songs. I think it’s been the best cool and brute force song that doesn’t beat Chainsaw Man’s strong worldview, so look forward to everyone.”

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