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Best Dystopian & Post-Apocalyptic Anime in 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss

post-apocalyptic anime 2023

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Where did 2022 even go? There were so many shows and new books and games released in the past year that it still feels like we need to catch up on things. Well, better start binge watching your favorite shows, because with 2023 already here, we need to make new place for all things post-apocalyptic related that is coming soon. More specifically, there are so many new anime that most of us don’t even know where to start! In 2022, we had an amazing lineup of returning and brand-new anime, and we anticipate the same high quality from 2023. Let’s get started! Here are the best dystopian and post-apocalyptic anime in 2023 you don’t want to miss!

New Post-Apocalyptic Anime Premiering in 2023

post-apocalyptic anime 2023

Trigun Stampede

We’ve already announced that the brand new adaptation of Trigun would hit our screens on 2023 and the first episode is already up on Crunchyroll. Fans have mixed feelings about it after the pilot aired this past Saturday, so we’ll have to see if the second episode can change their minds. This Reddit thread can make you debate whether or not it will be worth starting the new series, but beware of spoilers!

Nier: Automata Ver1.1a

Nier:Automata Ver1.1a is the newest video-game-turned-anime to hit our screens this year. The title has already begun on Crunchyroll this past January 7th. Fans of the video game are quick to make reference to it, and for the most part, they are all positive. Some even go as far as already trying to solve puzzles! 

Kaina of the Great Snow Sea (Ooyukiumi no Kaina)

This one is a new anime about people living in a world blanketed in an endless and ever-growing ocean of snow. This anime is scheduled to air its first episode on January 12th 2023 on Crunchyroll.

Hikari no Ou (The Fire Hunter)

This new anime story’s occurs after the most recent conflict that humanity has experienced. People have contracted a disease that causes them to catch fire when exposed to natural fire, and the planet is covered in a dense black forest. Set to air January 14th on Crunchyroll.

Returning Post-Apocalyptic Anime in 2023

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3

Attack on Titan Season 4 part 3 is one of the most anticipated anime series to return. We don’t have much information about when the show is going to air exactly, but premiere dates for anime seldom get announced until the week before the first episode airs, so all we know is the year it’s releasing. This year, of course. We can’t wait to see how the series will end and what is in store for the famous Eren Yeager and crew.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 (cour 2)

Chainsaw Man just started this year and there were a lot of happy fans out there cheering the anime on. From cosplays to fanart, things flooded Reddit and other websites, praising the new series. Although we have mentioned a possible release in 2024, it’s also very possible that the anime might return in the last quarter of 2023, with a lot of luck! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Muv-Luv Alternative Season 3

Muv-Luv Alternative ended season 2 in December 2022, but there are rumors that season 3 will be released toward the end of 2023. It’s always great not to have to wait years before the next season!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba World Tour is coming to Los Angeles on February 18th at The Orpheum Theatre and theaters in the U.S. and Canada starting March 3rd. 

Dr. Stone Season 3

Dr. Stone happens in a world where humanity has been petrified, and the last episode aired in March of 2021. It is now airing on Crunchyroll.

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