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Chainsaw Man Season 2: When Does It Return?

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It seems like Chainsaw Man was just released this month, but how time flies! Since its premiere on October 11, 12 episodes have been released, with the season finale hitting Crunchyroll today. Fans raved about the show and have been very happy about the manga-turned-anime. But now that we’re done with Season 1, we have to wonder about what’s to come for Denji and the gang. So where are some details about Chainsaw Man Season 2.

No official Season 2 release date yet

While Studio MAPPA has not yet confirmed a season 2 release date, suggests that Season 2 might hit our screens in 2024, as it was reported that Studio MAPPA is currently in production for the second season. Anime news leakers such as Jaymes Hanson have previously claimed that work on the second season of Chainsaw Man has already begun. He also made the assertion, “The second cour already started [production]. How they release it is another question.” He tends to be right about his claims, so hopefully we can go by what he exclaimed.

Those who aren’t acquainted with the terminology should know that a “cour” is a three-month block of Japanese TV programming that is based on the physical seasons and is often consisting of ten to thirteen episodes. 

Twitter user @ChifuyuMatsun0 also predicted the same outcome, although nothing is really explained and no source has been given. Perhaps their source is Jaymes Hanson?

Anime Geek also mentions that it is important to keep in mind that the continuation of the anime television series might be formally referred to as Chainsaw Man Season 1 Part 2, which should not be confused with the manga’s Chainsaw Man Part 2 Academy Arc (Gakko-hen), which began coming out in the summer of 2022. To avoid any misunderstandings that may arise as a result of this possibility, it is anticipated that the continuation of the anime will be promoted as Chainsaw Man Season 2. Manga to Anime is already confusing to begin with, let’s not make it worse, Studio MAPPA!

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Chainsaw Man Recap

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And before we end this article, here’s a tweet that made me chuckle. Plot Twist!

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