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Bernie Commands the Apocalypse with These Walking Dead Memes

Bernie commands the apocalypse with these The Walking Dead memes. (Twitter)

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The Bernie memes that have gone viral actually outpaced the Inauguration itself in terms of views and interest. So it really should be no surprise when the next world that Bernie memes conquer is The Walking Dead itself. Ever wanted to see Bernie face off against Negan? Well friends, your wish is my command. Here are the best Bernie mittens memes for The Walking Dead. (And lest you think that comedy and The Walking Dead is a weird combination, let me remind you that there is a Walking Dead comedy in the works right now.)

Bernie Takes on Negan

Wherever Negan is, Bernie is likely to be seen somewhere nearby. This one below was shared by @SunFlowerZ2018.

Bernie and Negan (Twitter/SunFlowerZ2018)

Bernie’s seen in the Negan lineup here, and I’m wondering if he will make it. But knowing Bernie, he will survive. He’s certainly not looking too worried in the photo shared by @ItsJustKatia.


Here’s an even more epic version, except Bernie is sitting in a different location. Thanks @DonniesThings.


In this intense scene, Bernie doesn’t want to miss the action, shares @ASH_SVENT. Or maybe he’s going to make sure that both characters survive.


Let’s not forget that Bernie took fighting lessons from Jesus, @JackDixon_Caryl reminds us.

Bernie is once again asking for affordable healthcare, even for the undead. I think he believes Carl deserves more than pudding, @BNoble4Life shares.


He’s literally everywhere, as shared by @JessicatNY.


Even Fear the Walking Dead?


He’s literally everywhere.

Bernie Likes to Travel with Carol & Daryl

Bernie’s green jacket (most commonly known from the “I’m once again asking” meme) fits in perfectly with Daryl and Carol as they brace the cold of the apocalypse. I mean, he kind of fits in perfectly in this tweet above.


And then there’s this meme, where for some reason he looks really small next to Daryl and Carol.

And @TWDeadDaily shared a series of photos for us in his adventures.

Here they all are closer up:


I mean, it looks like he fits right in and they’re having a lot of fun together, right?

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