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Bernie’s Ready for Battle with These Attack on Titan Memes

Bernie Attack on Titan Memes

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I’m fairly certain that there is simply nothing funnier in the world right now than the Bernie Sanders memes that have gone viral. So imagine my joy when I learned that some Attack on Titan fans have made Bernie memes too. Really, does it get any better than that? If anyone can help the people of Paradis manage all the conflicts with Marley, it’s Bernie with his cozy mittens.

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These memes will show spoilers through Season 4 Episode 6 of Attack on Titan. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments, as this is manga-free. Thanks. 🙂 

Bernie Is Not Letting a Wall Stop Him

Our first photo in the collection was created by SnugglesPrime on Twitter, and it is epic.


There’s another take on the same idea, only for the newest season, and I really like this one too. It was shared by @Zito215.


And this next one where Bernie doubles as Levi may be my all-time favorite.

Bernie Is Levi
Bernie Is Levi

Bernie Had Some Very Important Conversations on Attack on Titan

Here’s a TikTok video featuring Bernie having a very serious conversation at the hospital. What are they saying?

Several memes are pointing to a pretty intense conversation between the two, like this one by @NejireeKun.

But he had other conversations at the hospital too:

“I am once again asking you to run errands for me.”

This one shared by @lazyshiro is great. What would happen if it were Bernie talking to Eren instead of Reiner?


I think things could have been very different, don’t you?

But I think my favorite might be Bernie as Levi. Love this one by @Marcospxo.


Bernie Just Might Be the Key to Everything on AoT

While everyone else is going crazy, Bernie stays very calm, shares @CoordinatePod. I could learn some lessons from him for sure.


This next meme shared by @TheAhad is also one of my favorites. When Bernie was looking at his phone during the Inauguration, a lot of us wondered what he was reading. Well, maybe he was watching a video from Attack on Titan. That’s what I would want to do. Besides, Attack on Titan address propaganda and other issues relevant to politics today. Politicians would be really smart if they studied this series and learned from it. (Can you tell I’m a huge fan?) 🙂

Every time I declare a favorite, I find another contender. This one shared by @_nelb_ is so great, I’m runing out of words.


Do you remember the episode where Bernie tried to kill Sasha? On Twitter, @denieltonn does.


And let’s be clear, Erwin truly could be Bernie. On Twitter, Celine turned Erwin into Bernie and it’s perfect.

Bernie just might be the strongest Titan that no one has seen yet.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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