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Bernie Memes Turn Apocalyptic with Mad Max & The 100

Bernie Memes for Mad Max and The 100

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The Bernie memes truly have turned 2021 around. I was a little worried about 2021 during the first week of the year, but I’m finding some newfound hope thanks to the viral Bernie mittens memes. You may not have realized that Bernie has turned apocalyptic and found his way into works like Mad Max and even The 100. Here’s a look at some of my favorite apocalyptic Bernie memes. (For even more memes, check out my stories on the Bernie Walking Dead memes and the Bernie Attack on Titan memes.)

Bernie commands the apocalypse with these #MadMax memes. Share on X

Mad Max: Bernie Road

First up is Mad Max: Bernie Road (shared by Ryan Paulsen of Twitter.)

Twitter/Ryan Paulsen

And this beauty was shared by Joanne (@Rummblestrips) of Twitter.


Also on Twitter, @MyNameisMyke82 shared this beauty, showing Bernie firmly in command of the apocalyptic world.


I mean, seriously. Doesn’t Bernie fit in perfectly with the Mad Max world? This one’s from @Ray_Porter on Twitter.


Oh, but it gets better. Here’s one from @Pondering_Star. “Bad Bernie Mittens of the Apocalypse.” It appears in the one below that Pondering_Star thinks Bernie will be participating with but maybe not leading the group.



Bernie Is Taking Command of the Grounders in The 100

Bernie takes no prisoners in these #Bernie memes for #The100. Share on X

Not to be outdone by Mad Max, @kianstaylor on Twitter shared these winners showing Bernie in clear command of The 100 universe. Let’s be honest. These are pure gold.


He really is everywhere.


What would Clarke do if she had been Bernie?


He is taking command and not taking names.


Hey, maybe @truthfacade is right and the key to ruling the apocalypse will lie in who has the most Bernie memes.

Others think that Bernie will ultimately rule the apocalyptic wasteland in 2022.

This one’s funny. Henry Herz wrote: “One does not simply walk into DC. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. #Bernie #LotR.” 

Some people argue whether or not Game of Thrones is apocalyptic, but I’m going to leave these here anyway. I present Bernie Stark.

And Bernie conquering the Iron Throne.

Some people say the Iron Throne meme is their favorite.

But I personally like this one:

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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