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Make Sunsets Company Allegedly Releasing Chemicals to Block Out Sun


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In the growing list of weather control conspiracies, a company is now the target of a Swedish journalist named Peter Sweden on X. He claims that a company named Making Sunsets is responsible for releasing chemicals in the sky in the aim to block out the sun. 

Is Make Sunsets Blocking Out the Sun?

Sweden took to X to write “A company called “Make Sunsets” have been releasing toxic chemicals into the air to BLOCK OUT THE SUN,” and continued on to say that the chemicals sprayed turn into ‘battery acid’ clouds.

Make Sunsets Chemicals
Peter Sweden on X

User tinybutshiny followed through with a post of their own. They claim that in April 2022, Make Sunsets did something kinda wild. They sent “balloons” way up into the stratosphere, and these balloons released sulfur dioxide to basically make the sky reflect more sunlight. They are trying to do this to supposedly bounce some of the sun’s rays back into space. 

Make sunsets balloon
Tinybutshiny on X

No source to back that claim was posted, but I’ve made my own research and it turns out that Make Sunsets does exist and they are definitely releasing things up in the sky… but not to entirely block out the sun or poison us at all.

Who is Make Sunsets?

Make Sunsets is an organization founded by Luke Iseman and Andrew Song and backed by Boost VC, Draper Associates, Pioneer Fund, and angel investors. They are dedicated to implementing proactive measures against climate change. They embrace the challenges and complexities associated with this mission and prioritize innovative solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of global warming. Their strategies are grounded in scientific research and numerical data, though they also acknowledge the uncertainties and potential risks tied to a technique called stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

Luke Iseman and Andrew Song
Andrew Song and Luke Iseman, founders of Make Sunsets

In the face of climate change’s profound impacts on our world, Make Sunsets emphasizes the urgency of action over mere rhetoric. They contend that the present moment offers an ideal opportunity to experiment with and expand SAI. Their core objective revolves around taking meaningful steps to combat climate change and effect real change in our environment.

But what type of SAI are they releasing into the sky, and can it block out the sun? Well, not exactly, no. And what they do release into the sky is in fact recreating some of nature’s way to cool itself. The fact of the matter is that climate change is real, and the timer is ticking fast. What we currently are doing to reverse those effects is working, but we need something on our side for it to have actual, faster results: time. 

Make Sunsets’ way of combating this is by releasing those SAIs. 

What type of SAI are we talking about?

Make Sunsets employs a strategy involving the deployment of reflective clouds in the stratosphere with the aim of cooling the Earth. This innovative approach draws inspiration from natural occurrences like volcanic eruptions. The effectiveness of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) in regard to its full impact on global temperatures and climate remains uncertain. Furthermore, it carries the potential for unintended consequences that could influence regional climate patterns. Make Sunsets’ counterpoint is that we are currently on a trajectory toward a rise in catastrophic climate-related disasters due to the increasing global temperatures. It is imperative that we take proactive measures to intervene and mitigate these effects before they escalate to an irreversible point.

Volcanic Eruption
Make Sunsets: Picture of Volcanic Eruption. Mount Pinatubo 1991: Nature’s cooling masterstroke, injecting 20 million metric tons of SO₂ and chilling Earth by 0.9°F (0.5°C) for a year. Note: farmer and cow plowing a field in the foreground.

So, boldly put: we’re already heading into catastrophe, this is not going to make it any worse. It may, in fact, reverse it.

Another worry is that he injection of aerosols into the stratosphere carries the potential risk of causing harm to the ozone layer. This ozone layer plays a vital role in shielding life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Make Sunsets responds with this counterpoint:

Dr. David W. Fahey, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Chemical Sciences Laboratory revealed that studies show sulfur aerosols from stratospheric aerosol injection could impact the ozone layer, but not catastrophically. The 1991 Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption demonstrated the ozone layer’s resilience after temporarily cooling the planet by 0.5°C. Despite uncertainties, these findings suggest geoengineering methods like SAI could be explored without causing irreversible damage to the ozone layer. (Source: The New York Times)

They also list a few benefits of SAI.

SAI Benefits as written on Make Sunsets

So is Make Sunsets trying to ‘Block Out The Sun’? No. At least not in huge proportions. And the science behind it is actually very interesting! Definitely worth keeping an eye out on.

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