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Attack on Titan Made Some Major Changes to the Season 4 Blu-Ray Edition

Attack on Titan Season 4 Blu Ray

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The first half of the Attack on Titan Blu-Ray edition has been released, covering episodes 1-8. And this new release has some pretty significant changes compared to what viewers saw on Funimation, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes that MAPPA made.

This article is anime-focused only and contains no manga spoilers.

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Here’s a Video of the Biggest Changes

YouTube user Foxen Anime shared the biggest changes to the Season 4 Blu-Ray (only episodes 1-8 have been released so far.) You can watch the video below. Be sure to like the video on YouTube and leave a comment to help encourage Foxen Anime to make a follow-up video when the Blu-Ray for episodes 9-16 is released.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the Attack on Titan Fanatics Facebook page. In most of these pictures, unless otherwise indicated, the photo at the bottom indicates the change made to the Blu-Ray.

Quite a few scenes had blurring added or the lighting or smoke was changed.

One of the biggest changes involved adding blurring to quite a few scenes to try to make the focus appear more realistic. Throughout the first eight episodes, you’ll notice that background scenes are now blurry. I think this imitates what it would be like for a camera that is focused on a real-life person (the background would be blurrier), but I kind of miss those details a little.


In other scenes, you could see the lighting, shadows, or even smoke density changed to try to add more realism to the animation. For example, this photo of Reiner and Eren now has the two characters in more of a shadow on the DVD version. Although it makes more sense from a realism standpoint, I personally liked the original version better.


Some changes were a little odd to me, like this decision to add less detail to the blimp. I personally don’t like this decision.


Here’s another look:

Meanwhile, some details that were changed just seem odd to me, but I’m guessing it’s for realism. Check out how much they changed the cat scene. This is at 2:58 in the video above, and I suggest you go and watch that part, because it looks like they changed up the cat’s movements too.


MAPPA also took out some of the transparency mistakes that viewers caught. In the video above at 5:26, you can see a great example of transparency that was fixed.

Photos were changed on the warrior’s files.

This one was an interesting choice. MAPPA decided to make the warrior candidates’ photos smaller in their files for some reason. I think it makes the file look more realistic, but it’s still an interesting choice.


More People Are Attending Tybur’s Party

Tybur’s big part before Eren’s entrance now has more attendees. This makes sense to me, so I’m kind of glad for this change.


Tybur’s big part before Eren’s entrance now has more attendees. This makes sense to me, so I’m kind of glad for this change.

Eren’s Pale Eyes Changed to Glowing Green

I saw a lot of people questioning why Eren’s eyes were so pale when he was in his Titan form in Episode 16. I looked back and saw that they were pale a lot of times earlier in the season too. It looks like MAPPA fixed the missing glowing green eye from when he transformed, so I’m really happy about that.


Thunderspear Color Changed from Yellow to Blue

This is one of the biggest changes, in my opinion. The flames coming from the Thunderspears are now blue rather than yellow. This more closely matches with the fact that everything’s utilizing iceburst stone, a rare commodity. I like this change.


Jean’s Face Changed

A lot of enhancements were made to characters’ faces, like Jean for example. He looks more menacing now.

S4 Blu-ray Screenshot Jean Source:@g6xa3awstGCEljS (Twitter)… Your Views? from ShingekiNoKyojin

Here’s another example of how Jean’s face changed:

You can see all the examples in the video at the beginning of this story.

Mikasa & Eren’s Faces Changed

But the two face changes that stuck out the most to me were Mikasa and Eren. Here’s Mikasa before and after Blu-Ray changes.


And here’s Eren. His face was made longer with a more distinctive jawline.


There are some other interesting changes too. When Eren is trying to eat the Warhammer Titan in her protective shell, you can see her better within the shell this time on the Blu-Ray.

Reiner Is Changed

Reiner’s Titan face was changed in his battle with Eren, making him look a little more intimidating.


Here’s a tweet showing the change from a different angle:

Armin’s Iconic Colossal Scene Is Changed

Armin’s iconic scene as Colossal now has a brighter red filter as he surveys the damage. But they also darkened the Colossal over all, which I don’t like. So I’m torn on those changes.


But to be honest, the 4K version of Armin’s scene is absolutely gorgeous.

Another big change, which you can only see if you watch the video at the beginning of this story, is at around 13:04 when they changed up the order of Gabbi running after the blimp. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, you definitely should. It has a lot more examples beyond what I called out in this story.

Here’s a video that goes through more stills that were changed, but keep in mind that the thumbnail is NOT a change. It’s a drawing specifically for this YouTube video.

These tweets share some more stills that you might have missed.

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