Hundreds Showed Up to Raid Area 51: Turnout & Crowd Photos

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Believe it or not, people actually showed up to raid Area 51 and storm the gates. It wasn’t the two million people who had originally RSVP’d, but there was still a pretty good turnout of hundreds of people. During the Area 51 raid itself, the raiders lost their connections although some said they’d still be recording what happened and would upload it to YouTube later.

There were no deaths, like many feared. In fact, it looks like there was just one arrest.

Police arrested a man at the gate for indecent exposure when he peed on the gate. Another who attempted to go under the gate was detained and then later released, according to Mick Akers of the Review Journal. He shared some great photos of what happened.

The woman who was detained and then released was in her 20s. It turns out that hundreds showed up at the gates, but it looks like only one actually tried to cross the gates.

Here’s one photo shared on Reddit. Yes, they’re at the gate. Seems people were pretty chill as long as no one tried to actually cross over.

They made it, gamers from area51raid

More photos:

If you see THIS next picture circulating, it’s fake. There were no tanks or helicopters. This was shared on Reddit, probably from a video game or YouTube simulation.

Uh oh from area51raid

Someone even shared their location on Snapchat, showing that they were actually at the gates.

Either someone got in or aliens have Snapchat from area51raid

Another photo from Reddit:

North Korean forces have arrived boys from RaidArea51

For many, the raid turned into an Alienstock festival at nearby A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada.

If you see a Facebook event with 2 million RSVP’d that says it’s happening in 2020, don’t be deceived. The original event page was changed to be an Alien tour happening next year at this time. But the raid itself really did still happen. Only one person tried to cross over. Instead, it turned into a late night/early morning celebration with hundreds of people at the gates.

Here are more photos from the raid.

Early Hours of Area 51 Raid – September 20 from pics

These were shared on Reddit. The one on the top left below is likely fake and taken from another one of those YouTube simulation videos. But the others are real.

The AREA 51 raid is actually happening right now. from BeAmazed

This one might be my favorite.

Takes picture in Area 51 in a no photo area. from madlads

There’s still more to come regarding the festivities. The Alienstock Festival in Rachel, Nevada is still going on. In fact, it ends on September 22 and features live music, food, and other festivities. Connie West, the organizer of the event, said she was really excited about it.

There’s also an event September 20-21 at the Alien Research Center on Extraterrestrial Highway in Hiko, Nevada. It’s the Storm Area 51 Basecamp event.

On Friday night, you can go to a theme part at 620 Atlantic Avenue. It’s called “Storm Brooklyn, They Can’t Stop All of Us (Aliens Only!)” and it starts Friday, September 20 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Tickets range from $26 to $119.50. The Facebook page is here. Blink-182 will be at Barclay’s for this event.

Learn more about upcoming events in our story here.

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