Area 51 Simulation: These Massacre YouTube Videos Are Insane

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The Storm Area 51 raid is happening today, but people have already been dreaming up what might happen in the months leading up to September 20. The people who are planning to raid Area 51 will likely end up getting arrested just like the two YouTubers from the Netherlands last week. Hopefully no one will be shot or hurt.

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But some people on YouTube have been creating simulation videos with a very different idea of how things would end up. And these videos are DARK.

The first video (and probably the best of all of them) is below. It was created by Banned Inc. and shows absolutely everything that could go wrong.

In fact, it goes BEYOND everything that could go wrong, showing helicopters getting shot down and a lot of people storming Naruto style getting gunned down. It’s dark. And the military dancing at the end is REALLY dark.

This video was created using the 2013 game ARMA 3. It even features Mad Max like vehicles for a true post-apocalyptic feel.

The next video below was created by OperatorDrewski, also using ARMA 3.

This one doesn’t have the Naruto runners, but it has plenty of other dark moments to make up for that.

The next video was made by WarfareGaming. It’s also from ARMA 3.

These are all dark and very sad. 🙁

In case you’re not familiar with it, ARMA 3 is an open-world military tactical shooter video game by Bohemia Interactive. It was released for Windows in 2013, and then for macOS and Linux in 2015. One person wrote in a review about ARMA 3: “Arma 3 is the game I was always looking for. It’s a massive sandbox, military simulator. I can take to the skies with a variety of weapons, run around in a squad, use tanks and artillery and much, much more. the game allows customization, one can play night or day missions. with the help of community mods one can launch cruise missiles from land and sea, fight zombies and aliens or play it as a hardcore milsim. A fantastic game. Looking forward to a possible Arma 4.”

Will there be an ARMA 4? No one knows, as shown in this Reddit thread. One person noted that they’re building a new engine called Enfusion from the ground up that will support future titles, including any new versions of ARMA. In October 2018 (so yes, about a year ago), the brand manager for Arma 3 told PC Gamer that their goal at the time was to “keep Arma 3 fresh and exciting for at least several more years.” They’d like to continue beyond Arma 3, but a year ago didn’t know exactly when or how.

By the way, there are even more Arma 3 Area 51 simulation videos on YouTube if you want to check them out. And here’s a video on Amazon about Arma III when it was first released.

While you’re watching those, this guy from LDG Station claims to be heading to Area 51 on September 20 and is streaming from Nevada. Do you believe him?

He says that the stream may go down when they actually try to go to Area 51 because of jammers (at which point one of their colleagues will just show memes and stuff until they’re back with video.) He also said only a few people actually showed up for the raid itself. However, a bunch of people showed up for the festival. It’ll be interesting to see if this stream is authentically in Nevada or not. He has taken out his phone to show them in Nevada on Google maps. If you tune in and see some random guy showing memes instead of anything interesting, it might be because they lost the connection.

In the meantime, if you’re waiting for more interesting news, why don’t you watch a post-apocalyptic TV show on Netflix? If Hulu’s your preference, check out some post-apocalyptic movies on Hulu here.

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