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Teaser for Amazon’s Fallout TV Series Shown at Gamescom

Fallout TV Series

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Eight months after behind-the-scenes pictures of the Red Rocket location, Amazon’s Fallout TV Series’ new teaser was shown at Gamescom yesterday. 

What Were We Able to See during the Teaser?

The teaser was shown to a shockingly underwhelmed crowd. Only a few cheers erupted from them, which was very surprising since the TV series has been awaited by many for a long time. Nevertheless, the new teaser showed many key features offered in the game; The Brotherhood of Steel seemed to make an appearance, an opened Vault emitting a very bright light, and one thing some of us were waiting for; A Ghoul!

Fallout Ghoul
Fallout 4 Ghoul’s Appearance

Ghouls represent a group of posthuman creatures in the Fallout video game series, set in a post-apocalyptic world. As per the lore of the series, ghouls were once humans, a significant number of whom managed to survive a worldwide nuclear catastrophe. These individuals experienced substantial mutations due to the lingering radiation, leading to significant elongation of their lifespans but causing their physical features to contort into a likeness reminiscent of zombies. Numerous ghouls coexist with humans, sharing settlements scattered throughout the post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, some ghouls succumb to mental degeneration, adopting a feral and unsociable demeanor. And we’ll probably see those, too.

The teaser ended with nuclear bombs exploding all over the land, and the Fallout logo followed by “2024.” It would be amazing to see the show hit our screens in the first quarter of the year, but so far, no announcement on this.

amazon fallout tv series
Credit: Reddit user /baibars8000

IMDB lists a few actors that will appear in the show, with Moises Arias ( Ender’s Game, The Kings of Summer) appearing in all of the eight episodes listed. He will be taking on the role of Norm. If this is a Ghoul or a Human, we don’t know yet, but it would be interesting if the main character would be a Ghoul!

User “matreo” on Youtube said “The show will be set in Los Angeles, in Vault 33. Todd Howard said they will not release this specific trailer but will release “better teasers.””

What is Fallout?

According to its Fandom, the backdrop of the Fallout series unfolds within an alternate timeline, branching away from our own history following World War II. This divergence extends from the point of separation up until the occurrence of the Great War in 2077. Notably, the fictional world of Fallout is characterized by a technologically advanced retrofuturistic milieu that mirrors the atomic age stylings of the 1950s. Within this context, the society and culture of the United States are portrayed as being ensnared by a distorted version of the American Dream, marked by excessive suppression and an exaggerated form of American exceptionalism. 

Currently, our knowledge about the Amazon TV series’s plot is unknown. What has been revealed is that this TV series will deviate from directly adapting any single Fallout game. Instead, it will feature an entirely new narrative. While certain elements are anticipated to cater to the desires of devoted fans, intriguing hints can be deduced from leaked character names and filming locations. 

The Fallout TV series is a collaborative project involving Amazon Studios, Kilter Films led by Jonathan Nolan (Westworld, Interstellar) and Lisa Joy (Westworld, The Peripheral), as well as Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks.

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